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    Straight Female / 22

    Iʻm a female who is engaged a wonderful man. We are both extremely attractive and enjoy a intense and constant sex life at 23. Heʻs my daddy and iʻm his little girl. We do some very kinky things together. For the last year weʻve gotten into trying out different drugs together and iʻve gotten very attached to getting fucked on ecstasy. I love being so drugged up I can't think straight and he can just take full advantage of me. The worst part is that I was r**ed a few years ago in college but with my fiancé I am so turned on by r**e play. My favorite game to play with him is when he drugs me without knowing and then fucks me in different places, fucked up and needy and unable to fight back. Only problem is that recently this isnʻt enough. Iʻve been getting obsessed with the idea of getting gang banged while drugged, a need that my fianceʻs single cock doesnʻt fulfill. What should I do? if anyone wants to chat or has suggestion pls lmk.

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    Email me. Letâs talk.

    ironmaidendeciple@@@@Gmail .**m
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    EMAIL ME too.If you want,let me know your NEW/ALTERNATE email.(Create a secure email with Protonmail and we can communicate).

    You can always DELETE stupid/malicious emails and recognize mine since I have one with Mailfence.

    #1 seems dicey since he couldn't spell "disciple" right. Be warned.

    However,I sincerely don't want you to be drugged and fucked.What's the use of losing your"self" while getting pleasured?

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