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    Straight Female / 52

    Can't believe I'm confessing this. I feel some shame. However. it might be good to get it out on this site. I'm 52 (damn, those years went fast. I'm still horny a lot and married, not getting much. I live in a development where they reverse every other house so my kitchen faces the next house's kitchen the same with my bedroom. The couple next door to us are younger an have a fifteen year old son.

    I have large breasts and in the summer I take them out, wash them and powder them. I do it almost as a rote behavior, almost daily. A few months ago, I was powdering my breasts when from the corner of my eye, I saw something moving next door. I glanced there, still semi-nude and the fifteen year old was kneeling on his bedroom window sill less than ten feet away. He had his cock out and was pounding the crap out of it, his eyes stuck open on my tits. He's a skinny little fellow and can beat off using two hands and still have room for a third hand. I was embarrassed with a tomato red face. I ran to my window and drew the curtains.

    Then I started to think about the kid's cock size and could not stop thinking about it, how hard it was and the large knob he had for a head. I got wet thinking about it and finally masturbated to a come. I lost my breath thinking about the next door little teen's cock size. Finally, I decided to go through the scene again. I washed my breasts off with a damp cloth, then powdered. There he was again, beating himself off. Instead of rushing to close the window curtains, I watched him for a time, leaving my naked breasts out. He knew I was watching but continued, getting hotter with the knowledge that my eyes were on him. He shot his sperm through the window a few feet away into the walk between our houses.

    That day, I went up to the attic and located an old, large dildo I had from my single days. The next day, he was there, again, beating off to my naked tits. I slowly drew the curtains and he continued to beat off but I hid behind my curtain and matched his masturbation with my own, behind my curtain, with my dildo. Watching his cock and his flailing movement on it, I came quickly, and fully. Now I've moved on to thinking about somehow fucking the kid. I have to have that cock in me. A lot of scenarios come to my head, hiring him to mop my whatever and flash him where he'll take his cock out and I will spread for it.

    At the final line, I just don't have the guts to go for it. I just don't, maybe later if the desire builds up enough I will risk it. I don't know, I'm almost 40 years older than he is. Yet, I see what my naked tits do to him. I don't know.

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    Hire him for some yard work or to help with moving some boxes around in the house. Nothing has to happen on that first visit. Just have a little fun. Life is too short.
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    Make a sign with very large print: "come fuck me". He will be the dick hard and ready to go before you can catch your breath.
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    Seduce him and share the same with us.

    What exactly do you mean by taking your breasts out and washing and powdering them? You don"t take bath?

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