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    Straight Male / 18

    My dad's boss invited him out to a picnic with a few other executives. Dad's boss, Ted, is 63 and his wife, Marilyn, 62. We spent most of the day by his large swimming pool and it was a beautiful night under a bright moon. The men were all drinking and talking business and it sounded like boring BS to me so I moved back to the large table where there was still a bit of choice food.

    Marilyn came by and sat next to me, making small talk. She had a strange smile on her face. After a while, she reached down to my crotch and said, "I noticed your equipment under your swim suit, very nice." To say that I was shocked was not enough. She continued to rub my cock, which at 18 does not take much to go stiff. Since I did not move (due mostly to shock) she was emboldened and unzipped my pants, taking my cock in her hand. She said, "Now THAT is real equipment."

    Even though she was 62 and looked like every day of it, with white hair, she managed to get my penis rock hard and she stroked it, making moaning sounds. I decided to let her play with it and after a few minutes she dove down and started sucking hard on my cock, like the world was ending. She stopped only long enough to say, "Oh, this reminds me of the days when Teddy could still get it up." She stopped sucking my cock and sat up, saying, "Would you like to fuck me?" I uttered just a shocked sound. She said,"You can come inside me to your heart's desire."

    Without waiting for an answer she said, "I have my own bedroom upstairs just to the left of the top of the stairs, meet me there in a few minutes." Bewildered, I still had to contend with a rock hard cock that I stuffed into my pants. I felt that I had better meet her upstairs in the mansion. As I walked up the stairs I heard a loud whisper, "Just come in and close the door after you." I tip-toed into Marilyn's bedroom and she was naked on top of the bed with her legs spread. He large, floppy tits were hanging to each of her sides and her crotch was a mass of white hair over her slightly suntanned legs.

    In seconds, I was fucking Marilyn and my cock driving into the mass of white hair but her pussy, and I knew of only two others I had actually seen and not fucked, was fantastic. I drove it into a soaked, slippery vagina that had apparently not been near a cock for some time. "Once in a while, I get with a delivery man or some such odd fuck but this is precious, just fuck me hard, long an fast, go deep into me."

    Soon, I came but remained hot and hard so I kept going then I came again and kept fucking Marilyn. She noticed that I was coming repeatedly but kept fucking and said, "My goodness, am I doing all that for you?" I think I came seven times in a row and could feel my sperm drooling out of her. She excused herself, washed up and came back, a naked, elderly woman with large floppy tits. For reasons I cannot fathom, perhaps because I had never done it before, I went down on Marilyn and she "ooohed" and "coohed" like a giant bird. Then, she had an orgasm where I at first thought she was having a stroke. She gripped and pushed the back of my head into her wet, white mass of hair.

    Minutes later, she made a cold inced tea for me and gave me slip of paper, saying, "Let's get back, they are probably all drunk by now, but call me and we can fuck as much as possible if you wish." I took the slip of
    paper and tucked it safely into my hip pocket. Now, I was into a hot sexual affair with a woman my grandmother's age but...any port in the storm. After a month I must have shot a gallon of come into her and the only question remaining was, "Can all women do this at her age?" Apparently, as I learned, many can. She is my first one.

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    Get some money out of her. Make her buy you a rolex.
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    I had an affair with an even older lady when I was 17, in a similar situation with her husband often nearby but not knowing. We did it a lot, sometimes several times a day. It made me wonder what she was like when she was young. We used sexual lubricant a lot and sometimes I finished up her ass where she loved to feel my cock coming and twitching. No one ever found out about us.

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