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    My baby sister is ten years younger than me. I am the oldest. My mother was a strict disciplinarian with us. She was cold and unaffectionate. My father worked long hours, not till much, much later did I understand that he stayed away from my mother. My mother was a puritanical anti sex sorry human being. I could never get past her negative views of sex. I never married, I have never been intimate with a man.

    My baby sister was our cousin's girl. He paid attention to her, escorted her, watched over her. She responded with deep affection for him, always in his arms, hugged, kissed, held, loved by him. My mother turned her back on my baby sister calling her a little whore. I longed to be held, hugged, kissed, loved like her. She lost her virginity to him at fourteen. He made love to her with out a care in the world, wrapped her up and mounting her, he penetrated her with raw abandon. My mother yelled at me telling me she was a whore. I watched, every move, thrust, her body bending under him. Her words were unintelligible, her voice deep, her face lost in her passion. He showed my mother that my baby sister was his for the taking. She showed my mother that at her age she had become a woman, lusting for a man, given to our cousin without a care in the world.

    And me, eyed by my mother, prohibited from feeling, sat desiring to be her. At night, alone in my thoughts, with my baby sister beside me, I felt myself until I had a quiet orgasm, turned and held her close to me and fell asleep. I lived through her. Then my mother died. I was free.

    On the night of my mother's funeral my cousin took my baby sister, stripped her until she was completely naked, put her under him, mounted her and penetrated her telling her she was now all his. My father gave her away. She was fifteen. I stayed to care for my father. My baby sister lived for both of us, I lived through her. Our cousin loved her so deeply, no one loved me.

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    I grew up alone though we had an an average size family. It was just me ostracized by my siblings, a mental mother and a brutal father. I did not shed a tear when my parents died. I felt free then. Years later my siblings reach out for advise or money as I became
    successful in business. I have nothing for them.

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