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    My brother's best friend had sex with me in the sixth grade. They stripped me naked, opened my legs, made me suck their pricks, and he got on top of me and fucked me. I became his slut, fucking with him every time he wanted. I am a bit scared now because of how I behaved. I have two daughters, they are nine and thirteen. The older one likes male attention, she is a show off, and shows me pictures of animal and human penises. I act like it is no big deal, and help explain to her the differences between the male and female sex organs and how they fit together. I take the opportunity to tell her to keep her legs together. She knows that her father has sex with me, she is always asking questions, some are down right in your face. Like do I 'suck off her father'.

    I am not a prude, witness my puberty, and I do suck off her father and more. I enjoy sex now as much as I did when I was going through puberty, if not more. I want to tell her that she is made to enjoy sex, I don't want her with any hang ups, she is made for sex, and I have her on the pill already. But in today's sexual climate I don't want her getting in trouble or getting some boy in trouble. At her age any boy no matter how consensual is going to get in trouble.

    There is a lot of promiscuity in her grade, and there is a princess list of those girls that have done it.

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    As long as you know of course, the inevitable i.e. their father will be their personal teacher to carnal knowledge. If your 13 year old isn't sucking her father's penis already, she will be doing so DIrectly. Incest has now found its own innocent mainstream mark in normal society. You will find a new patience to share yet again mom.

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