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    Straight Female / 30

    i have sexual fantasies and masturbate to porn. I feel dirty about it and hate myself for doing it. I just really want a normal life with love and a man who I love. I am sick of waiting. I am sickened by my perversions the longer I wait the more strange they become and I hate them.

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    You have found a universally normal and routine release.Nothing wrong.It's better to find a good match but at least with fantasies,you don't get betrayed and abused.
    Don't try hard or else you will end up unhappier.Get your friends to suggest a person with a matching intellect,sex drive and emotional maturity.That could take time.Be patient,dear.
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    Let your inner slut out and fuck your horny c**t.
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    Where the devil did you get those silly ideas?

    Find a way to stop hating yourself and start loving yourself. Masturbation
    is a good beginning. Constructive thought takes less energy than destructive
    thinking. You are the absolute master of your own life, so begin to realize that.

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    If you feel ashamed about what you are doing, you will not find a good man for you with whom you would be happy. If you are sexual person, but you hate that in yourself, you will find a guy who is not sexual and it will make you unhappy in the long run.

    I'm quite sure your "perversions" are not even perv. What do you exactly see as perversion?

    Enjoy your masturbation habits and enjoy your fantasies. What it tells me is that you have really good and healthy imagination. Enjoy it.

    The reason why you feel ashamed of your masturbation is because you are trying to live other people expectations. They are not better than you. They have sick fantasies too and they spend their time masturbating. Do not live their life. Live your own life!

    I understand that being single may be really frustrating. You can meet new people by going out to different happenings. Go out, talk with people. Do not hunt men. Only talk with people and experience new things. If you have never been in art happening, go there. If you never have been in theather, go there. If you have never sit at the park, doing nothing, go there and do nothing. Talk with people and let people come to you.

    Try to "map" your life for one week. If you go only to work, then to grocery store, then maybe you have some hobby and you meet your friends, that is not enough to meet people. You need to reach out.
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    Tell me where you are and I will meet you.You don't have to be alone and be sick of waiting.I have waited too.We probably are waiting for each other.
    Stop hating yourself.
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    You need to come to a place of love and acceptance with your masturbation and porn needs! I would argue it is more evolved to masturbate and float in ecstasy even if it's with embarrassing thoughts, urges, needs coursing through your brain! Dopamine flooding so beautifully.. There is a therapy to primal gooning bliss xoxo You can find me zucked out @@ Nick Edgeland.. if you want to discuss any of this!

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