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    Straight Female / 28

    I had just recently gotten out of a long term relationship. We had been together for about 4 years. So when he came out and said it was over, I was kind of shocked. And even though I was sadden and upset afterwards, I tried to move on with my life. To add to the pain, I found out the reason for our breakup was because he had run into his ex girlfriend before me, and they felt like there was a spark still there.

    One Friday night, about 5 months after, I went to a local pub/bar with my roommate, her boyfriend and two other friends. So we're sitting at our table and suddenly I noticed across the room, my ex's good friend comes in and sits at the bar. So I started thinking "what do I do?" Do I go over say hi, do I ignore him. I knew this guy was pretty shy, so I could easily walk by him and he likely wouldn't of said anything. But I thought, why not, just say hi. So as we were leaving and I was passing by, we made eye contact. And I acted all excited to see him. My friends all had plans so then left. So I asked him if he would like to have a drink with me and talk a bit. And surprisingly he said sure.

    Now I have to say, while he wasn't a bad looking guy, I never found him attractive. I'm a bit of a sapiosexual, I find people who are smart to be attractive. And while this guy was funny, outgoing, and a pretty sweet guy; he wasn't the smartest guy around.
    So we moved to a table (a little more private) and talked about different things. And he mentioned that he was single. His ex and I weren't friends, in fact, I didn't really like her. lol But we talked often because of the boyfriends. And she bragged often about their sex life. So I was thinking about this and started some subtle flirting. Of course this went right over his head. But I wasn't really planning anything to come of it. But as we were talking I started thinking, "wow, this is the longest we've chatted alone together." And I was thinking he's a pretty interesting guy. But I knew if I wanted anything to happen, it would be a mission. I knew that my ex and him were good friends and they might have some "bro code" about ex's. And even if they didn't how would I get him to go for it.

    Next thing I know, the time had gone by fast. We had been talking a couple hours. So I asked him how he was getting home. I knew he lived close by, like me. So I figured he had walked. Which was the case. So being late I asked him if he wouldn't mind walking me home first. Which he agreed. Neither of us were drunk, we hadn't had to many drinks and they were spread out over the hours. But as we were walking he mentioned about how I kept walking close to him and I accidentally bumped into him a few times. This was a pure accident, I wasn't doing it intentionally. He jokingly put his arm around me and said something about how it seemed I wanted him to put his arm around me. All of a sudden I got this feeling shooting from head to toe in my body. His arms were pretty firm, and I loved the feeling of being close to him. I wanted to fuck him. Thankfully I knew my roommate was staying at her bf's place that weekend. But how to get him in my place. Well, luck would have it, when we got to my place, he asked to use the bathroom. Perfect, I've got him in, now what. Saying something outright would scare him off, I need a plan.

    So I'm showing him to the bathroom, I asked him if he'd like a beer, which he said sure. I was about to get the beer when something my ex said to me a long time back came to me. He told my ex that he thought I had amazing breast. I am a smaller bbw, with a C cup. While his ex gf was skinny, maybe had an A cup. I quickly went into my room, took my zip-up hoodie sweater off, took my bra off from under my t-shirt, put the hoodie back on but didn't zip it up. He sat on my couch and I gave him the beer. I sat on the chair across from him and we chatted just a little and it went silent for a minute or so. I then made a joke about us running out of things to talk about, and he laughed. I stood up, took my hoodie off, and quickly sat next to him (practically on and as soon as I hit the couch, I moved in with a real passionate kiss. This went on for maybe under a minute. We pulled apart and I knew I had to follow up really fast, so I took my shirt off. With no bra on he got to see what he's always wanted to see. lol. The look in his eyes was kind of shock and excitement. I didn't even get back to kissing him again and he had his hands on the girls. After a few minutes, and lot of playing with and sucking my boobs, I said let's go to my bedroom, we'll be more comfortable there. I sat on my bed and he pushed me back and pulled my pants and panties off and went to town with the oral. I was shocked at how good he was at it. It was at this point I realized, "my ex bf's best friend is eating me out." Eventually it was my turn to return the favor. Because of his ex, there was no surprise about one thing, I knew he was cut down below. lol. Then he pushed me back and took me missionary. Within seconds it started to really sink in that I was getting laid by my ex's best friend. I think that gave me an orgasm it self. lol. I also started thinking about his ex and how I was finding out first hand what she was always bragging about.

    In the morning, he left. I figured that it was just a one time thing. But I enjoyed myself a lot. So a few days later I decided to give him a call. He was shocked to hear from me. And told me how much fun he had. So I said to him, I'll keep it quiet if you do, I want to hookup again. So we ended up in a FWB that lasted months. We even had swimming pool sex, sauna sex, anal sex, all a first for me. But we decided to end it after a pregnancy scare. It was kind of strange that his parents weren't upset their son was screwing his best friend's ex, they were excited they might be grandparents.

    So 2 reasons for this being revenge for me. First, I ran into my ex a few times, once with the new gf, and the whole time I was thinking if you only knew how many orgasms I've had, how many bjs I've given, how many crazy things I've done with your best friend. That was a truly great feeling. Second, I ran into his ex one day. And she was a stuck up bitch to me after I was nice. Knowing he dumped her, I came out and told her, I've been fucking your ex for months, and told her something about him that only she would know so she would know it was true. I walked away laughing. Great feeling. lol

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    Ok, seems like the two of you really hit it off. So what if you have a pregnancy scare, you plan things accordingly and still have each other as FWB or more. To me it sounds like you found a keeper, and as a couple it sounds like the two of you are a good fit. Sister at your age this guy may be the one if you are ever going to get serious and tie the knot now is the time. What are you waiting for?

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