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    Straight Male / 18

    I don't know how to begin this other than by saying that my mom is so fucking hot. But the thing that really stands out about her is her gigantic tits.

    I guess I'll have to describe how she looks like. She's very tall for a woman, about 6'2", taller than both me and my dad and she's pretty athletic/muscular and large in general. She has a very pretty face with long dirty blonde hair and green eyes. She has wide hips with a large butt and big muscular thighs, fairly wide shoulders but a pretty narrow waist with a flat toned tummy.

    But best of all as I said are her enormous breasts. They are very firm and round, especially considering their size, although they still hang down naturally. I'm not exactly sure how big they are as she doesn't wear a bra, but they are comparable if not bigger than the 16 inch beach balls we have at home. Basically they hang down to her belly button and project outwards and to the sides almost as much. I mean they are so big and firm she gets a cleavage without wearing a bra or pushing them together.

    It's impossible not to ogle her when she's at home. She usually wears tight pants that shows off her huge ass and t-shirts or blouses that tighten around her huge bosom. And to make matters "worse" she has huge thick 2 inch long nipples, and she rarely wears anything under her shirt to cover them when she is at home making protude from her shirt like crazy. Finally she's one hell of a tease, I don't know if it's intentional or not but she always sways her hips when she walks and her tits giggle up and down like crazy when she moves.

    I know it's weird but I am so jealous of my dad right now...

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    Do you come up to her juggs? Have you actually measured the 2 inch long nipples? Let's not tell tall stories and exaggerate .

    If what you say is true,send her photo and proof that you haven't picked up some mature model from a porn site.
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    Have you seen her naked or in a bikini? Have you seen your parents fucking?
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    Reply to #2
    I have seen her naked a few times when I have walked in on her changing, some of those times not by accident... Seeing those huge jugs naked up close is intoxicating. It's so hot seeing her trying cover her gigantic tits with her arm with her areolae and 95% of her tit flesh still being visible. And yes when she sunbathes in our pool in the backyard she wears a really small bikini top. Her huge nipples poking out like crazy and her areolae still being visible. I have watched them fucking a couple of times through the keyhole on their bedroom door, but it's really hard to see so I'm thinking of drilling a hole in my closet for a better view. Either way I did see her enormous tits bouncing like crazy.
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    Keep dreaming.
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    You have to ask yourself, in this day and age have you ever seen a modern day house or building with a keyhole? That's a big fake give-a-way.
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    #5 Not true.

    I don't believe the story either, but lots of brand new houses are build with indoor doors having locks with keyholes. It is not about technology, it is about style.

    I was living in a brand new house, which had been built in 96 and almost all of the doors had lock wiht separate key and keyhole.

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