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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Gay Male / 42

    My folks had a house on the river, on the bluff. Fifty-three steps down to the water. My dad liked the view. Down river about half a mile on the opposite bank was another cabin, water's edge. I embed those kids so much. On the 4th of July when I was fifteen the weather upstream opened up. It rained and rained, my dad stayed focused on the news. Around three he asked me if I knew those people in the cabin downstream. We had never met them. He pointed and told me to go get them, now. Bring them up to our cabin, the river was rising and better safe than sorry.

    I went down our steps, took our skiff and pulled up to their dock. I gave them my dad's message. The dad looked at me and said I had delivered the message, thanks but they were ok. I repeated the message and the mom asked me how concerned my dad was. In the end she made her husband agree. They told me thanks, they would pack up and head into town for the night and I left.

    Around seven the boy knocked on our door, he had stayed behind to watch the place. My dad told him he had to stay, he couldn't go back. We pulled his skiff out of the water, the river was high and fast, and we went back up to the cabin. The rain upstream had let up, but the water was coming downstream, so he bunked down in my room on a sleeping bag. We talked and stole a couple of beers and settled down. At what point he brought up camping fun I don't really remember, what I remember is that camping fun was jacking off. He got his dick out and started, he offered to let me jack him off.

    His words, his stare, his erect dick, which one got me I don't know, but I took his dick in my hand and started to jerk him off. He pushed my head down, offering me his dick to suck. I gave in and put his dick in my mouth and got the most amazing buzz, I gave him all my attention while he ran his fingers through my hair. He told me to stop, get my dick out and he got into position and sucked me and jerked me off. We got on the bed and started mutually sucking, changing positions until he was over me thrusting into my mouth. When he came he caught me by surprise, but he was over my face and mouth and I did my best to hold his dick in my mouth.

    The next day we waited until the water receded before going to his cabin. Fortunately they only lost the dock, but the house was ok. We were alone in his cabin he offered me his dick to suck again. He sat on the couch and I got down and sucked him and jerked him and he came again. Getting him to come made me feel good. This time I ate some of his come. I could tell he liked it.

    We lived in different towns, but we were friends from then on. As seniors in high school our parents let us go to the cabin during the fall, he would get permission on the same weekend and we met up and started fucking. From the start he made me his bitch, although at that time we were not that aware of Alpha top or bottoming. He was the Alpha and I was his willing bitch.

    My parents were glad I had made friends with the boy in the cabin downstream. But nowhere near as glad as I was. He was my first, and we gave ourselves to it and became full blown queers on the river.

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