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    I caught my young nephew dressed in his Mother's lingerie this afternoon. The rest of the family is down the shore and he was home alone. I had stopped by to pick up some fireworks I had left in their garage last year. I stood watching him stride back and forth in front of the hallway mirror. His knees buckled and he nearly fell out of his four-inch stiletto heels when he noticed me smiling at him. He tried to stammer some excuse and tried to run up the stairs and he stumbled. I gently helped him to his feet and he wouldn't look at me. I told him he looked very nice and that his secret was safe with me. He began to calm down and I calmly asked him how long he'd been sucking cock. "Never!, he protested. "Would you like too?, I grinned at him. He was a natural and with minimal coaching he made me cum in his mouth. He instinctively swallowed the whole load. He was very upset afterwords and felt really guilty. I sat with him and tried to calm him giving him a few soft pecks on his lips. Soon we were kissing quite passionately. I then went down on him, pulling aside his panties I got his dick nice and wet with my tongue and began fingering his virgin asshole. I was bringing him to the brink with my mouth and finger when he suddenly exclaimed, "Fuck me, fuck me now!" It took some doing and a generous amount of lube but he whelped with pleasure when I penetrated him. I was very gentle and we fucked for some time. I rolled Tommy onto his back and began kissing him as we fucked missionary. It was so intense and I came hard and deep in his ass. I told him that it would stay between us and all he had to do is ask if he wants to hook up again.

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