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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Straight Female / 39

    Having gotten my driver's license at 16 my mother was worried about me. I could drive her car, but only within certain boundaries and she checked the mileage and gas gauge. I had permission to run errands for her, but any free time was very limited. And I still had to ride the bus to school.

    I asked her for permission to go over to my friend Laura's house one Saturday afternoon. Laura lived in our neighborhood, so it was like four blocks and no busy streets. She said I could go, but I had to be back by six for dinner. I didn't go to Laura's. I went to this senior boy's house instead. His parents weren't home and he wasn't expecting me.

    That afternoon I found out how hard a boys penis gets. I found out that a boy can shove his penis down your throat until you vomit. I found out that a boy can fuck your tits. And of course I found that a boy can fuck you good and cum inside of you. He shaved me and wrote his name on me with a magic marker. He put the magic marker up my vagina and told me to recite a hundred times why I liked getting fucked.

    The next day he had told a friend, and by the time I got to school on Monday everyone knew I was a slut and I had his name written on my pussy with a magic marker. He had the magic marker at school and was giving it to his friends to smell and was telling the girls to check out my pussy. I was humiliated. He had told them he made me vomit because he was too big for me and that he was going to fuck me in the butt for the triple crown.

    I was taken down to the gym storage room for the triple crown. Two girls were witnesses. I thought it was going to hurt but it didn't, it felt good instead. After the fucking he said I walked like my butt hurt, but really it was that I was leaking.

    Senior boys hardly ever had sophomore girlfriends, but in my case he made an exception. I was off limits so other boys didn't want to date me anyway, even though I had gotten a reputation of putting out and going to look for it. Over time other girls in my class fell off their high horse, one by one and by the time we were seniors the only thing that mattered was who, when and where it happened.

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