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    Lesbian Female / 28

    In my early twenties I was picking up one night stands, or rather one night stands were picking me up. At work my coworker found out about it and gave me an unwanted lecture on it. Safety, self esteem, everything I've been told before. My coworker is a female too.

    One day, during one of her lectures, she confessed to me that she had a couple of one night stands when she was in college and one of the guys killed himself on the way back to his apartment in a one person car accident. She stopped seeing guys for a long time. Three years later and she hooked up with her husband and got married as quick as she could. She didn't say it, but she doesn't love him. I don't think she respects him either, he can't keep a job and he mooches off of her. Plus he is 40.

    I told her she deserved better and what was worse? sleeping around or sleeping with a man who couldn't hit the mark? She married him without loving him. I took her out to lunch and told her we would double up, get a guy and double up, have sex together with him. I lied to her that I had done it several times and I liked being with the girl when she was having sex with the guy. I kissed her in the restaurant. I kissed her and told her to come out with me and have some crazy fun.

    Conversat ion after conversation, she wanted to know what she was expected to do. I told her to lie there and he would do everything and I would help. She wanted to know what I was going to do, not the guy. What was I going to do with her and if she had to do something with me. I explained things to her, in great detail, the more I explained, the more detail the more she listened. She wasn't even aware that I was holding her hand, I bent forward and kissed her, a real kiss, a kiss with feeling. I whispered to her that I wanted to kiss her pussy too. I confessed to her that really I most always went out with women not men, I rarely had sex with men. Almost never had sex with men. I came out to her and told her that I had always been partial to girls, and later women. I don't do much if anything with girls anymore, like college girls. And I told her I was partial to her.

    We went out, or rather she came over to my apartment. I showed her how partial I was to her, I tried to take her step by step, kiss by kiss, I kissed her she kissed me, I played with her boobs, she played with my boobs, I felt her up, she felt me up, I fingered her she fingered me. I went down on her but she didn't want to go down on me. I said it was OK, I would top for her she should just lay there and enjoy the attention. But I got too hot and I sat on her face. She got mad and we had to stop.

    She is confused, she doesn't respect or like her husband. She is not a lesbian, it is not her thing. She still blames herself over that boy in college. I wish she would just dump that guy she is married to. I want to take care of her but she is not into that type of a relationship. She hurts and I hurt. I am in love with her, but I know that the most we will ever be is friends. Rule number one, you don't fall in love with a straight woman. I broke rule number one.

    I just wish she would walk away from that man. It isn't the sex that bothers me, he is just a low life loser. If she has to be with a man at least he should be a real man, one that can treat her right and take care of her.

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