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    We went to a neighborhood July 4th party this past Saturday. They had live music, food and of course drinks and some fireworks around their pool in their large backyard. There were probably 35 people there. After the fireworks, I looked to find my wife who I had not seen in an hour or so. I end up going out into the driveway and see the dome light on inside our car. I think maybe she got sick from drinking and walk over and can hear her moaning and grunting. I stop and see one of our black friends on top of her in the backseat with the door open. My wife's tits are out and her shorts are off and he has his shorts down around his knees. He has the biggest cock I have ever seen and is fucking my wife as deep as he can and she is obviously enjoying it and begging him for more. He doesn't have a condom on from what I can see. I watched until he was done and then walked back into the backyard. He comes back a little later without my wife and finds his wife and acts like nothing happened. I wait about half an hour and go out where my wife is still laying in the backseat with her top back down covering her tits and one shoe on. Her pants are back up but still unbuttoned and unzipped. She tells me she just had too much wine and was resting. I can smell sex in the car but she doesn't say anything. I have given her multiple leads to tell me what she did but she has not said a word about it. I want to tell her I saw them but I don't know how since I actually got aroused watching them. We haven't had sex since that night and her panties were covered in cum that night. I am mad but want to watch again.

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    Personally I'd be pissed. Come on woman no need to cheat just show me the respect to let me know what you feel you need or want.
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    You will lose her like this anyway.Decide if you want a used and "will be used again woman" for your wife or get out and get a loyal one. Don't get aroused to become a cuckold.Wake up/Where is your dignity and self esteem? Kick her out.

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