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    Straight Female / 21

    My most embarrassing moment so far.

    I have been seeing this guy sexually for a couple of months, and I'm the adventurous type anyway so I let him write some pretty bad things on my body. I liked playing the sub, the slave sometimes, and I guess generally being; as he calls it, a cumhole for him. He's even introduced me to some of his friends as his "hole". I ended up getting fucked by those friends usually. I let him start using india ink, and/or sharpie marker when he writes. He put a hash mark on my butt cheeks for every guy that I've had sex with in my life. Then he labeled it as the guys from one weekend, there were 28 marks. Below that on my cheeks with arrows to my butthole, he wrote "buttfucked since age 13". On my front, I'm shaved totally down there, he wrote "cumhole" and "free pussy to all" and put an arrow to my hole.

    We got in a small car wreck and the writing was there for all to see in the hospital. Nothing serious in injury, just my own humiliation to endure. I think too many people, male and female, nurses and doctors came in and had to "examine" me.

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    You could use some therapy to attain a sense of self.

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