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    Straight Male / 35

    I am a masturbation addict. Proud gooner... My GF of 5 years doesn't know. What she doesn't know is; That I have a secret social media and try find younger girls by near half my age into DD/lg. That I wank every moment she is out of the house. That I don't try to fix my Agoraphobia because I get to be a disgusting gooning addict this way! She is in the dark; That I carry on lewd conversations and flirting with as many girls online as I can. That I sometimes hook up with a horny one to voice chat dirty, vulnerable and taboo confessions. That I am a compulsive masturbator!!

    Making inappropriate interactions on messenger at many of her fringe friendships or ex-friends is a fetish and where my CHEATING urges are most acted out in the past 18 months! Age no factor as I don't mind older matures. Looks barely a factor... While none seriously considered, there was some dick pics sent and reciprocation of dirty talk and naughty pics with a couple of them when I caught them in a horny mood... So hooked on this embarrassing lifestyle. On my porn addiction, drug use and filthy gooner masturbation needs! I want to cheat on her IRL...

    Gotten to be one of my most dirty and visceral fantasy I think of obsessively when I'm in euphoric high on speed! Even though we're poly, she makes me feel like I'm trapped with her. The rules for our dynamic, which only seem to apply to me, is "meeting the girl before any sexual contact" which most girls don't feel comfortable doing. Naturally. It's awkward to meet the partner of someone you might be excited to fuck. I think she knows this, and that those girls are more monogamous minded and so even when they're once interested it can easily fade away the longer they are confronted with my poly reality!

    I end up confessing to people I shouldn't when I'm deep into depraved masturbation.. Just to feel. To be perverted and depraved. To fuel my compulsions.. I can't get enough it's sick and addictive. This close friend of ours lets me confess my masturbation thoughts and somehow she isn't weirded out hearing them, doesn't wants to betray trust with ME when hearing I'm keeping things from my GF (who is her friend too). I wish me and this amazing friend would have more secrets together. Eventually make love behind our partners backs if we wanted to, without guilt!

    There is this movie we both love where two Mothers carry on lewd affairs with each others sons (one of them cheating on her husband) because there is no other way for them to feel alive and get needs met. It's all a secret from their community... So many girls lately -friends- I've been finding out are sneaking around on their partners for their lacking sexual needs, and I'm supposed to remain faithful when I hardly see others living up to it! I have needs and I want Emma, this 26yo beauty so bad. OMG she turns me on, I find myself drooling as I wank my thick 7 inch c0ck to her.

    Such a disheartening feeling when GF implies my ED explains our sex life.. When to me she doesn't make ANY effort to turn me on, and refuses to shave her hairy pu$$y! She got so lazy. And all the attraction to her in the world can't excite me for someone who gave up, and who let our step-daughter walk all over us in the first months living together demanding of us 'no sex' take place when the teenager was home, I've voiced all this to her. She has mental illnesses which I have to accept make her ignore her part in all this -- The first 18/mth together she did shave her pu$$y me. As I admitted early on the friction of hair can make my cock soft. Not rocket science those years were hard inside her longer?

    Our sex life is fractured... broken... boring! No pretending anymore. But our love life is really healthy so I don't wanna leave her. I just want some fucked up experiences with females out there who get off on cheating! Surely there is a some out there married, single and lonely, or with a boring partner? Anything, just someone wanting to FEEL again. Someone (like me) loving to drug up and masturbate to endless porn -I'm so in LOVE with it- to feel something. Edging and gooning themselves dumb to these urges for 10-12 or more hours when their partner is out.. Gonna confess more.. when next I'm inevitably gooning my brains out Nggggh I am a cheater at heart more everyday. I admit it!

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    Anyone interested... I'm always getting zucked out @@ Nick Edgeland... to discuss my fetishes. My gooning. My endless p0rn use! My filthy cheating mind Mmmmmm
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    find somebody else to date
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    Did you read this properly? I am not interested in leaving a perfectly healthy love life, the best I ever had because of 'sex' when I can have such fulfilling pornosexuality instead! And have this heart racing at the thought of cheating growing...
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