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    It's now a little after 3pm, the day after the 4th of July 2018. My 25 year-old daughter was outside in a car with tinted windows, giving a blowjob to some dude. I refused to run outside to stop her. But I also refused to turn away. I watched her,hoping none of my neighbors wouldn't notice her. Very cheap window tint, the sun shining thru makes the windows almost transparent and you can clearly see her head bobbing up and down on this dude.Then out of the blue, she raises her head and pulls off her gym shorts and mounts the dude and rides him for about 5 minutes. She comes into the house and goes to the bathroom to wash up. This is a trifling woman to me.

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    Oh now, give her a break. She is your daughter so where do you think she got her training? Watching. unknowing to you, you and her mom when your moaning would wake her up. Give her a break, every one, both male and female have the yearning at an early age. Remember?
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    Did she know you were watching her some girls like to be watched
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    Why did you keep watching

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