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    Straight Female / 26

    On a packed train recently I took my usual twenty five minute journey. And within four or five minutes as I stood up holding onto the rail, I felt what I first thought was guy, slide their hand over my ass. Maybe because it was so packed, I let it go as someone not being able to move properly. Then after only another minute the hand moved up my short flowing loose skirt from behind and reached between my legs.
    Turning I saw the most beautiful woman looking into my eyes. As our eyes locked, she moved her hand further and her fingers entered my panties feeling my pussy lips, my labia and then my clit.
    Instead of telling her to stop, I found myself moving my legs apart more to accommodate her hand having easier access. Her hand and fingers began to manipulate my clit and I felt her slide a finger inside of me.
    It was so surreal being pleasured on a full train, I just let her get on with masturbating me. No more than a few minutes later my orgasm rose as her fingers flashed all over my clit, and I turned my head to whisper as best I could, I was cumming. She smiled at me, pushed her finger inside me deeper and clamped, almost pinching my clit between her thumb and index finger.
    Not able to help myself, I cried out a little and sank onto her hand. Some people turned, but because we were the last people at the back of the car, nobody was able to see anything. My body shuddered as my climax began to subside and then I felt her slide out her hand. Moving and turning, I watched her put her fingers to her mouth and then lick and suck them.
    Moments later the train pulled into my station and people began to move towards the exits. I moved too, but was briefly stopped. She passed me a hastily written number on a scrap of paper, smiled at me again and said "Hi, my name's Kate, text me, a motel?".
    That piece of paper is now burned, but the number is in my phone under a work colleague. We've been texting over the last three days, after a long discussion I had with myself. I know I'll be cheating on my fiancee, but if you saw just how beautiful this woman is, you'd want her as we've text each other saying, to be licking your clit too.
    Soon I'll know what it's like to be tasting another females pussy and ass. Soon being this coming weekend.

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    Let us know how it goes please
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    consider telling your fiance, he may like it and want to watch

    don't outright discuss it, just ask if involving another woman in your sex life is something he'd be interested in

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