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    Gay Male / 52

    What I am going to relate is taboo stuff.

    He was the xxxx in our town. Papa's love is what he called it. I stood in his office leaning across the desk while he stood behind me. Every bit of it felt good. I went to see him because it felt good. He was a Polish or other Eastern European. His cock was big but I could handle it. He wasn't much on playing with my cock but from time to time he would suck me dry. The rest of the time he got off by screwing me. I remember at the time there was this commercial that went something like MM Good. He would ask me to let him know good it was and I would sing that jingle.

    It's funny how you get to remembering. My experiences in school and later in the service gave me lots of opportunities to sing that jingle. Seemed appropriate seeing as I enjoyed it so much.

    Unfortunately I am too old for that now.

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