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    Bi-Sexual Male / 48

    Im fucked!!! Im a twink ass closet nudist drunk crack ho wanna be. I quit crack for 2 months cold turkey but fell off today. Well, same ol same ol. Drunk, got a gram and smoked it like a fiend in my back yard buck naked. I want to be gangbanged in public doggystyle while studs are pulling my long blonde hair as they are pounding my hiked up ass raw and slapping my ass cheeks. Throat fuckin my drooling mouth and gulpin down loads of jizz on the other end too.
    Oooooh yeah, Im a dick suckin ball lickin rod ridin sexy ass shaved exibitionist hott ass twink and its my fantisy to get shit faced drunk, power smoke an 8 ball untill my cock shrinks to a nub and be manhandled by a dozen or so well endowed studs on a silver tarp in the blazing sun oiled and completly shaved smooth of all my body hair from the neck down.
    I would be the biggest slut on earth begging for cum and wildly suckin lickin fuckin and gulpin cocks for hours untill too sore to walk and burpin up gooo, licking balls clean and eating out asses as im pumped like a lil sissy bitch boy. Ooooh my God, i want to be gangbanged soooo bad!!!! Fuck me Fuck me PLEASE FUCK ME!!!!! â¡ NAKED BOY.

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