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    Bi-Sexual Female / 43

    I'm a woman of average looks with the one good fortune of having no appetite for sugar and flour so I keep fairly trim. I post as "bi" here but, truthfully, my only bisexual activities were back inn college with sorority sisters and, boy, we did it all to each other. However I am not in love with women so I don't pursue it. What I am and have become is a whore for teen age boys. I love the lust born of their newly attained hormone flows. They get those stiff cocks and their cocks and balls take over their lives.

    My life as a slut began with one Italian delivery boy, Andrea, who always walked in with my groceries and a hard cock. I could see through his jeans that he had a nice big sausage under there. Before he would show up, I would often change to a flimsy dress or skirt with no underwear, that showed off my round ass. I could feel his heat, stares, even hard breathing but he was shy or dimwitted. One day I finally asked him if he always had that hard cock and I asked him show it to me. In minutes, he was pounding away into me and I was enjoying it but also looking at his face, and his eyes, realizing the kid was owned and operated by his ball sack.

    He fucked me every time when my groceries came and I taught him doggy, how to let me ride him, and other ways to fuck. I even taught him how to properly suck off and eat a woman. He rimmed me beautifully and used to press my ass cheeks around his mouth and part of his face. When Andrea's family moved out of town of course he went with them but he told another boy, Mickey, about me and my accessibility, so Mickey showed up with my groceries and his cock already dangling out of his pants.

    Mickey was a Marathon man and he would fuck me, easily, for half an hour, fortunately, changing positions. He would regale me with stories of how he fucked his teen aged girl friends in cars, dark alleys, the movies, etc. and I waited to hear something interesting but never did so once I told him to stop the chatting and just fuck. Mickey told his older brother, Ned,, about me and Ned simply showed up one day. Before I finally put a stop to it, about eight boys in their teens and early 20's were coming by for sex. heir fucking was interchangeable and sometimes I would call one by someone else's name.

    Then, Anthony, a cousin to my first one, Andrea, called on the phone and told me Andrea had told him all about me and he had become intrigued. He wanted to come over and "see me" but at least he warned me that he was married. I think it was a day later when Anthony showed up. He was gorgeous and within minutes we were at it on my bedroom floor carpet, forgetting the bed. For some reason, when he learned that I was living on money left to me by my dad and had no actual job, he seemed to cool off. He did complain to me that his wife had a secret female lover that he had discovered and that cooled him off on his own wife. I began to have ideas about meeting her. I still have not met her but I will.

    I found, however, that I was mostly hooked on young cocks. I learned to control their youthful gossip about the MILF they were fucking so in that way I could control the number showing up, unannounced.

    At the end, if there are any women in their 40's reading this who have not tried young cock, you have a treat coming, if you'll pardon the pun. You have a little teaching to do but when you feel that hard tool driving up your vagina, tirelessly, you'll see it's worth it. Don't do any underage ones. THAT would not be worth it.

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