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    Straight Female / 33

    The teenager next door, Mindy, is a sweetheart but budded early, at 16. By then she had an eye popping set of breasts, not large but beautifully shaped with lovely nipples. She showed them to me in our back yards separated by, a small picket fence, one day. Boys took note and her parents oddly enough, allowed her to date during the week as well as weekends. She has two separate boy friends and sees them, often, alternatively. One of them seems more involved with her than the other but she favors the one that is not obsessed by her or her lovely tits.

    Mindy comes home from dates and her boy friend, whoever it is, parks on their driveway which is directly downstairs and next to my bedroom window so I can see all that takes place from my bedroom on the second floor. I usually watch, even waiting for her to come from a date because she always has sex with her date. She blows the boy then he eats her out and then they fuck in various positions until the boy comes. While watching I wonder if her own parents know what the devil is taking place in their own driveway. Meantime, I get turned on and very horny so I began to masturbate while watching.

    Finally I told my husband, Don, that I was watching Mindy fuck her dates next door after dates and he said, "Little Mindy, No, you're kidding me." Then I reminded Don that her breasts were not that little. He said, "But right in their driveway?" On her next date, I called Don and we sat watching, behind our blinders. Don and I had fucked to our hearts content then it grew somewhat stale and we had talked about it, saying we should look into it, but now there was little Mindy next door and soon, while Don and I watched, I took off all my clothes and Don and I were teenager lovers all over again. Once, I almost told Mindy what she had done for me and Don but I suspected she would freak out so I just enjoyed it, knowing that it would not last forever.

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