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    Straight Male / 40

    I have been going online and showing my ass to other men. Now i keep wondering what it would feel like to have one inside my ass. I am married but very curious.anyone else in my shoes?

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    I am a married man in my early forties. I have been wanting to try a real cock in my ass for a long time. The desire seems to just be getting stronger and stronger. I have used dildos and vibrators but they are rigid and cold and I like those in my ass but I feel like I want to feel the raw lust that would be there as well especially when it causes the top to cum nice hard and deep. I don't know if it will ever happen, but the idea sure sounds very erotic. Maybe some day. So you are definitely not alone in your thinking.
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    In High School my two best friends and I experimented one weekend. It started out just getting naked and jacking off in front of each other but we started touching each other and ended up sucking each other and we all got off in each others mouths.
    We kept playing around and some how or another butt fucking came in to the conversation. We talked about it awhile then for some reason I offered to let one of them fuck me and it took some Vaseline and it hurt quite a bit but I liked it enough to ask the other one to fuck me and before we finished they both fucked me twice and came deep in my asshole every time.
    Not only were they hooked on it I wanted it also so they fucked me a lot for several years and I always wanted it and enjoyed being fucked in the ass and having my two best friends cum in my ass. Bill was the first one to fuck me and Terry was next and he had a bigger dick than Bill and it was hard to take the first few times he fucked me but he really shot a lot of cum that felt good in my ass.
    Years later in my early 30`s I worked with this Mexican guy and we became good friends and drank beer together all the time and ne day while his wife was gone out of town he and I got a little drunk and he told me he was curious about sex with other men and he really wanted to do it with me. I told him about my younger years and then told hi I wanted to be fucked again some day and he said he would fuck me but he wanted to try oral for sure.
    To make a very long story short he had a huge fucking dick that once I got used to it I couldn`t get enough and we snuck around for almost two years and he fucked me all the time and it felt so good with his huge nuts pressed to mine when he shot his huge thick load in my stomach and he could fuck for ever and always got off in my ass twice before he was finished. I use toys too but a real big hard dick balls deep in my ass feels very good.

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