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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 45

    When I was 8 years old I went to a 10 week Summer Camp and I was assigned to a Cabin with several other boys my age.- The Cabin had a Consular with his own private room to care for us.- After a couple of days, he took a discrete special interest in me and at nap time he would usher me into his room and our bonding started !- Soon,he unfastened my belt, opened my Jeans up wide & rolled my tighty whiteys down to expose my little jewels that had gone very stiff - He placed his mouth on them and the feeling was cosmic and I thought I had arrived in Paradise.- we did this special treat every day and I loved it !- although I did not then realize it, I was after that point completely His !

    We went on with this for the full season and although we had a close call of discovery, I was a willing & happy Participant. All good things come to an end & the wait for next summer began !

    Summer season # 2 arrived at last & I was anxious to see my special friend again, but this time I had a Different Councillor.- I spotted my friend but HE avoided making any contact with me for a few days, I Would guess out of Extreme Caution in both our interests !

    Then, as I was out & about He asked me if I wanted to see him & I said yes, so He indicated a Locked & Boarded up Cabin at the edge of the woods. - I was to approach from the forest side and one window cover plywood board would be hinged and unlocked it was high up and I would need to figure out how to reach a hand hold on the lower sill to lift myself up and then in.

    I managed to arrive on time & get in completely unnoticed. Once inside I fastened the hooks to keep the plywood fastened down solid .

    He was quietly waiting there and we renewed our friendship and bond.- After a while, he asked me to undress down to my tighty whiteys and to sit on the chair that was at the small table.- We talked for a bit and he went and undressed except for his shirt that was an outside the pants style long square tailed shirt. the shirt was unbuttoned but acted as a short bathrobe.- As we talked he came very slowly over towards me, until he was very close.

    I was fascinated to discretely see his large package, as this was something I had never seen before in my young life & I could hardly take my eyes off it. - As we talked, he looked very deeply into my eyes and that was like magnetic attraction for me. -- He started to stroke my head, the nap of my neck and tweak my nipples, then after a bit asked me if I would like to look at his package and touch it to see it was smooth as silk and warm and he guided my hand over to stroke his sack first and then to stroke his penis ever so slowly as he kept petting me and telling me sweet nothings in a very hypnotic way.

    His Penis became bigger & stiffer with each stroke I gave it with his help and this was fascinating me to near immobility when He suggested that I give it a little kiss. - I was very hesitant and after a bit He moved in and rubbed it on my lips as he encouraged me to open up my mouth.- Like magic, I opened up & he slid in, upon which I closed my lips around his shaft and started working it with my tongue with a firm intent to do a great grown up job of sucking that member that I was instantly in love with !

    Now, He asked me to promise to start swallowing when he asked and not to stop for any reason until he said I could ! - Not knowing what was ahead of me, I said YES !-- The more I sucked, the more I got Hot & the more I liked what I was doing !

    After a long time of his petting me and my sucking him, at last he said to start swallowing and then after about a few minutes more I tasted some light salty fluid in my mouth and he started pushing deep down my throat that he had positioned me in for this event. - He was in to me to his fur line and started to shoot his cream way down my throat as I worked to swallow it as it arrived in great volumes as he rammed in and out deeply while he held my head in perfect position for what he wanted to do.-- I was beyond Hot & Aroused, I had lost all control & loved what I was now doing & I wanted all the joy juice I could get.

    I kept sucking & swallowing Until I could get no more Joy Juice & he begged me to stop.- After that I cleaned him up with my tongue & he said my next lesson would be Swallowing while
    doing 69 and we carried this on for the full 10 weeks with great gusto !-- 8 years later I Joyfully surrendered my Cherry but that is another True Story !

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    The above is my true story and I was a very willing partner in all of it !
    My opening happened about a year before that, I was treated to being slowly and gently opened up wide by my sitter over a week's time ! -- It started with a very warm and sensuous back massage that gradually went down to my buttocks. - From there, his finger flitted lightly over my tiny rosebud and I was thrilled.- Soon, he was pushing and moving in ever deepening pressing circles. - I was now loving it and then he added two more fingers to this and inserted one after the other very slowly with lots of Vaseline. - He opened his fingers up while he did this and slowly stretched me open wide as he pushed deeper into me. - He knew that he owned me totally because I was now bucking back on his hand as he went forward. -- I could now not control myself & would have done anything what so ever, if He had asked me as I was wild with lust ! - We did this for the full week & then He was gone, but the desire to become a Bottom lay smouldering deep in my mind for 9 years before I could give it up completely & deeply to the right man & I have never stopped since !

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