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    Bi-Sexual Male / 42

    So I never told anyone ever about the one and only time I got fucked by another guy.
    So here it guy goes.
    I was in a relationship that was a girl I loved but she was fucking other girls and I was curious myself and used this as a excuse for playing lol. It was Thanksgiving week and I was lonely and had done some molly when I started to think a bout checking craigslist this was the year 06.
    Saw a ad and answered it not really having any idea what I was doing or looking for. He answered and wasnt far from my house so I went over and when I walked in he was in a dress with nylons on I was new tut o this so I kind of froze and sat down to get my bearings the molly was really kicking in at this time . He had a nice hard dish CV k under the nylons and he tried to suck me but I was not getting hard so he pulled me off the couch and tried to fuck me doggy style but I was to tight so I sat back on the couch and he pushed my legs up to my shoulders and started to massage and spit on my arm I was rolling so hard by this time that I was jello in his hands he kept on the dress and nylons and pushed himself into my ass he luckily was only about 6 inches and not tut to thick it was crazy how good it felt and he didn't last long only mabey 5 minutes and was saying I'm going to cum I snapped back to reality and said dont cum in me but he had already started but pulled out and came on my soft cock and balls that was when I felt cum in my arm a it gave me a high like a drug .

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    Think you're on drugs now!!!

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