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    Straight Male / 30

    I am a masturbation addict. Proud gooner... My biggest recurring wish and dream I don't really even know if I actually want?! But when I'm deep in a filthy goon state wanking myself I can't help think about the act of being adopted by an older woman! About her becoming 'legally' my Mother. To prove how devoted I am; leaving behind all of my life, friends, family, loves and past ties -- She is in her 50's (preferably) but I'd still do it if she was in her 60's, to be honest.

    She would be an executive woman. With career. Money. Her own house. Her own family w/kids grown up. Divorced, busty and "over men" but have a hole in her heart to continue to be a Mother. But also having conflicted i****t feelings about having a younger lover and calling him "her boy" and wanting to sexualize him. I would be that boy. I would devote my heart, mind and body to Mommy. We could both "turn back the clock"; her pretending to be in her early 40's, me pretending to be 15 again and a horny, hopeless teen boy. Proudly acting out Mother and Son connection. Platonic and sexual.

    Want it to be really fucked up though, too... Like she enables my drug habits. And I enable her co-dependence on motherhood to the point of corrupting those morals. She gets me copious amounts of speed and crystal meth, loving to keep me high and horny to tend to her sexual needs and be a horny little slave. While I enable her unhealthy reliance on babying me and providing for me, despite my age. Promising never to leave her and yet always being on the verge of being "unhappy". Enabling her insecurity, image issues, vanity; to the point she schedules botox and breast lift surgery once every few years. Asking me to help her stay relevant. Going for butt lift/injections, lip injections like a bimbo. She waxes herself bald of all body hair for me. All to keep attracting and keeping her Son happy. Hiring me Asian hookers once a month to spoil me because she knows it will result in such a special bonding time of me massaging her feet that Saturday morning (after my latest bareback Asian pussy stuffing!) with us talking.. Bonding.. Having quality Mother/Son time x

    As I start to indulge in porn use while she is at work, her jealousy and competition rises for my affections. I love it. She loves it. It is a mutually degrading path we are both on. Me to surrender my LIFE to devote to being her Son, for decades. Her to surrender to having a coked out, high, meth abusing Son who she needs desperately to stay, to the point she will be cucked by his pornosexual lifestyle several nights a week -- She'll buy me fleshlights, penis enlargement devices and "love dolls" of the TPE/silicon variety for using while she's at work. Big titty ones with small waists -- A shape she could never achieve!

    The feeling that this could one day happen gives me a nasty, filthy 'hope' for my future. I love being open to it. Mommy are you out there? I'm a filthy, devoted, sweet, decently attractive younger man wanting to be your Son. Open to making it work with this perverted arrangment if you can accept my pornosexual lifetyle, my love of substances and my dirty mind <3

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    I am 15 and this confession made me so horny and soaking wet. Please more I would squirt all over my face to be adopted by a strong older woman Mmmmm
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    I'm always lowkey seeking this out by flirting with matures on dating sites and FB. Speaking of... you can reach me about my confession here @@@@ Nick Edgeland if you wanna be my special Mommy in my heart/life.

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