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    Straight Male / 19

    I don't often think of my older sister unless it's laundry day for her. She doesn't wear a bra on days she does laundry, so all I see is her shirt wrapped tightly around her lovely breasts. Her nipples are always poking through. She's caught me staring a few times, but didn't really care. Her laundry days were typically Saturday mornings, and I tried to be awake every Saturday. If I didn't wake up in time, she'd personally wake me up as if to give me a chance to see her as such. Only two times have I been lucky enough to see her breasts in all their glory as she was switching to clean shirt fresh from the dryer.

    I kind of miss them since she's moved out. I outright admitted to her last year in a text that I missed laundry days. She told me she liked that I enjoyed those days, but also told me I needed to move on and get a girlfriend. I do have one currently, but we've only just recently started opening sexually to each other. It would be nice to get my girlfriend to have laundry days as such, but I'm taking things slow.

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