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    My sister is two years younger. From the earliest our mother had girl chores and boy chores. Our mother was my sister's role model, I was her 'husband' to take care of. As kids, teens, she served me hand and foot. My friends tried to get her to serve them but she refused, she was my sister not theirs.

    I was seventeen and she was fifteen. We were watching television after our parents had gone to bed. Not unusual being teens we stayed up late. That night she wanted to be hugged and as I lay on the couch I spooned her and got an erection. As I accommodated my erection against her she pushed back rubbing herself against my erection and my hands reached for her and worked her breasts. Not thinking I undid her pants and pushed them down until her bottom was free and my erection found the space between her legs and slid in her vagina. She didn't resist, she made room until I ejaculated for the first time in her, for the first time with a woman.

    We didn't talk, we did. Her attentions to the day chores brought satisfaction to our parents, she was sure to catch a good husband. Her marks at school were high, focused on running a home she chose a safe career, she studied to be a teacher with a minor in religious studies.

    Her husband had won the jackpot, pretty, nice, attentive, a natural mother and homemaker. We remain close, she will sit in my arms before her husband, she reminds him that she is my sister first, his wife second. We outgrew our teen bond, married and adults we are married, neither spouse aware that we were intimately close brother and sister. We were first, and first is first, you never forget first.

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    I didn't have intercourse with my sister, but we did a lot of mutual masturbation and oral sex. We both considered what happened just youthful experiments and curiosity. That was more than 40 years ago, but she was my first experience with intimacy. We've both never forgotten...

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