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    Straight Male / 51

    I retired early, the result of hard work when I was young an sound investments that paid off handsomely. I never married but had a couple of long relationships of 10 years each. It was them who didn't want to marry, in part because I wanted a prenup to protect both of us. I do a lot of volunteering and have become friends with some of the people I volunteer with.

    One of them is Paige, who is 20 years younger than me, married and one of the nicest people I've ever met. Her husband and I have become great friends as well. He travels all over the world for work, helping set up tech systems for companies. She works for herself and so they have a lot of time apart. I've let them use my home in the Virgin Islands when they have vacation time and need to get away. I have a security system that alerts me to trouble at the house and I can log on and video check the house and property.

    One time when they went there my security system went off. I thought maybe they had left for a night out and had turned it on so I call to see if they were indeed out so I could check to see what had happened. I didn't get an answer, but wanting to make sure there wasn't an issue I logged on and started to check the grounds first then the house. There was a strange car in the driveway so I started to worry a little bit. When I checked the camera in the great room there was Bob, tied to one of the kitchen chairs and Paige on her knees sucking the cock of a petite an buxom ladyboy and taunting Bob. I didn't want to watch and would just wait for Paige to call and explain the alert. But I couldn't stop watching.

    Eventually Paige stopped suck the woman's cock and untied Bob, who immediately got on his hands and knees and the woman got in behind him and started fucking him. The ladyboy pounded Bob for about 5 minutes and then came. All the while Paige was just standing there playing with her nipples and pussy. When Bob stood up he was hard, but I could clearly see that despite being about six feet three and athletic, he was not very well endowed. Erect he was probably all of three inches. The women knelt in front of him and in about a minute Bob came in her mouth. In about 10 minutes she was gone and Paige and Bob were dressed. I quit watching and a few minutes later my phone rang.

    Paige told me the had turned the alarm on when they left for dinner and forgot it was on when they got home. Ever since that day I have taken my flirting with Paige to a new level and can regularly get her turned on. I even invited her to my house with me next week when I go to the Virgin Islands because Bob will be in Panama for three weeks. I don't have any desire to include a ladyboy, but I plan on spending a lot of time fucking Paige.

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