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    Straight Male / 33

    Jean and I met in grade school, became close friends, later would do things together but she and I were never more than good friends. She was cute but neither of us had interest in a romantic relationship. I suppose one can say we "dated" because we got into a Friday evening movie schedule and planned to see a movie each week if there was something that interested us. When I was 15, I noticed Jean's mom staring hard at me as if I had stolen her silver candle sticks. I ignored it for some time then one day when I had arrived for our movie and Jean, as usual, was still in the shower, I asked Jean's mom why the hard looks. She started in on the sex issue and what were Jean and I doing, etc.

    while I wasn't shocked, I became irritated and told her that Jean and I did not have romance on our list. She was not satisfied but stopped her babbling...for the time being. The suspicious arose again and in an instant, Jean's mom offered to give me a hand job if I promised to keep my hands off her precious baby, as she put it. Puzzled by this change (I had known Jean's mom from toddler age) I reluctantly agreed to take my cock out for her and soon, she was fingering and stroking it, asking if that was "o.k.". She pulled me off several times and one night, with Jean's shower running, she said, "I really want your promise, then went down and forced my cock down her throat so hard she gagged. She coughed, stroked my now elephant's tusk hard tool and said, "Has Jeanie seen THIS? Don't you ever show it to her.

    We developed the routine of my coming as Jean stepped into her shower, her mom would phone me, waiting outside in my car and I would come in and get my weekly handy and b/j. Then, one day, I noticed her legs were bare and she wore a shorter skirt than usual. She said, "I thought of a way to guarantee that you'll not touch Jeanie, and with my cock standing like a tentpole, she mounted me and slid me deeply into her soaked vagina. She rode me like a pro and said, "Come on in, I'm safe" whereupon I fired off a volley of sperm strands into her as Jean's shower turned off, giving us at least 20 minutes to tidy up.

    The whole issue evolved in a lusty, searing fucking affair between Jean's mom and I, where I would sometimes sneak into her kitchen dead at night and she would come down in her night dress wearing nothing more, to give me the works, including a rollicking doggy to top it off. The talk about Jeanie ceased and in time I realized..."Shit, NONE of this was about her daughter...DUH!" It was like my brain finally turned on.

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