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    Straight Female / 26

    Hmmm, I have to confess that I am an incurable romantic woman that fantasies to find her prince charming, to find one day the man who will make my heart pound at his appearence, just hearing his manly voice or feeling his body heat.I always dreamt to find my perfect man.
    I am not perfect, I am a normal looking young woman but despite my personality I am an introvert and very shy when it comes with dealing with any male I don't really know how flirt works I am just a big clown when I have to deal with a man in flash and bones. I wish that my true personality would show off when I interact with any guy I like that I am a warm hearted woman full with emotions and lots of love to give.
    I wish I wouldn't appear so distant and reserved and expose the true me.
    The painful thing is that I really like a guy from work he just moved in our department 2 weeks ago and works with me in the same office, I tried to be nicer with him as I could and explain to him things of our work but I guess he doesn't like me because he doesn't talk much we sometimes just sit there and working without saying anything and it makes me very anxious and nervous.
    For him I must be just a collegue from work and nothing more, I probaly shouldn't think at him like a potential boyfriend but sometimes I feel desperate for some love and human contact I never show it tho.
    So, maybe I am a little naive to think that he will ever be interested in me there would have been any signals or body language and there weren't any...
    The things that made me liked him were that he looks very manly, I like his deep voice, his eyes, I like his personality because he looks very calm and stress free and make me feel calm too. I was very tensed iin the first days working with him but now it's ok I wish I could make him talk to me and see that I am a good woman in who he can trust.
    He may not be my prince charming but I wish I could have a different relationship with him but men are such a mistery for me and I can't really know how to interact with them. If there could be any kind of advices to help me I would be very grateful. Thanks!

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    Invite him for coffee and be suggestive. Ask him personal question and he will follow your lead
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    I can't do that
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    Just try to make alot of eye contact
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    I'm the same 36 male. Can't talk to woman. Serious hopeless romantic
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    I wish I could do something about this whole situation. This week we barely said anyhing to each other we just say hello and goodbye and that's all.
    I wish he could talk to me and ask me things but now I think it will be impossible because of my annoying female collegue who treats him like a baby.
    We all 3 share the same desk and he is so close to me that I can feel his warm breath on my skin that sometimes gives me goosebumps. So I just sit there and do nothing because when I actually het a chance to be alone with him the annoying female collegue interrupts us.
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