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    Straight Male / 43

    Everytime I masturbate I love to taste my own cum. It started when my ex kissed me after a blowjob(she fantasized about and kept asking if I would swallow my own load).
    I found everytime I came I would immediately loose interest in the idea at first, so to get around the "problem" I learnt to stop and bare down at the last second, that way I would get some cum in my hand without the orgasm, I'd swallow that and then carry on to completion, swallowing the rest when I came.
    Now, I have used the usual legs over my head and aim at my mouth method and the edging method. Only recently I've learnt to massage my prostate too. I'm straight and in a relationship but I love having my partners vibrator in my ass when I wank. Recently I took the shower head off and put the hose in my ass letting it fill me up and OH MY GOD!!!!! My cock leaked so much I wasn't gonna waste it, it tasted so good.
    I've never been with a guy, except when I was ten and I fooled around with a friend(wanking each other but nothing else). I am curious to know how it would feel to give a guy head and have him cum in my mouth and I want to have a guy fuck my ass. The only issue I would have would be kissing a guy but the rest I'd be more than happy to do.

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    Are you in the Atlanta area by any chance?
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    That is hot...wish you were in the N.O. area...
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    I had a boyfriend who was like this, he wouldnât kiss the guy, but we both sucked his dick, and heâd fuck my boyfriendâs ass while my boyfriend fucked me. It felt amazing.
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    Like a lot of guys I also like to eat my cum at times but my favorite is fucking my ass with toys and other things. When I was a young boy I had sex with several of my friends. We stroked each other sucked each other and I talked quite a few of them in to fucking me in the ass.
    Most of them wanted to fuck me again and some figured once was enough. I grew up in a rural area and liked being out doors going to several places I knew that were very private to jack myself off eat my cum and more often that not stick different things up my ass and fuck myself.
    I let a lot of my friends and even a few that were not friends fuck my ass and I always liked it. I remember a few of them had fairly large dicks and were a bit painful but I still liked it and it always felt good to get fucked and let my friends cum in my asshole as often as they liked. In the 10th grade I had two friends that always invited me to their house after school and they liked to fuck me together and they really got off watching each other fuck me up the ass and they came in me multiple times almost every day.
    One day we were all naked in their bedroom and one was fucking my ass and for the first time the other one grabbed my head and stuffed his dick in my mouth and told me to suck it as he forced my mouth down on his dick and he made me gag a few times and kept hearing him moan and groan and say take it! suck it ! Don`t stop sucking my dick! Make me cum! hearing him talk like that while getting fucked in the ass I sucked on his dick like crazy and they both came in me at almost the same time and it was pretty damn hot to swallow his warm cum as he forced my head down on his dick while I could feel the other one cum in my asshole.
    Once they did that to me I was like a little whore and always wanted one in my mouth and up my ass at the same time and it was a huge turn on for me to be used by both of them and to let them get off in me as often as they wanted. All these years ever since then I have had this wild fantasy of being taken out to a very private house or cabin way out in the country and letting a group of well hung men r**e me for days forcing me to swallow their cum take huge loads up my ass and them DP my ass tie me up and r**e my ass and mouth and pass me around like a slut and fuck me so much I have trouble walking then have two older black men with huge dicks fuck me in front of them and the put both black dicks in my ass at the same time while all the other fuck my mouth. Just a fantasy!!

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