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    Bi-Sexual Male / 52

    Back in 1984 I joined the army right out of high school. I did my basic and Ait and was then sent to Germany. I had not had a lot of sexual experience and was attracted to men and women. Once there at my first duty station I kept to myself and took care of my sexual desires with my hand in the bathroom or shower.
    After some time I made a few friends and started to go out to the clubs and found I liked dancing and having fun drinking etc. One night me and a buddy got real drunk and ended up getting a hotel room for the night to sleep it off. The best morning I woke up nude in bed with my buddy and a bad hang over. I later started to remember bits and pieces of that night as I was showering I had the taste of cum in my mouth I knew from tasting my own. I got done showering and walked out in my towel. My buddy was laying nude on the bed with a hard cock in his hand and a smile on his face. he said come over and do what you did last night. My face turned red I was flushed with heat in my body I wanted to but was not sure what to do. He said Oh now you are shy laughing he said last night you had no problem gobbling my cock. I heard a voice in my head say go for it. I went over and got on the bed and before I knew it was going down on him and felt so normal. I sucked him until he shot off in my mouth. His cum was like a drug and once it was in my mouth I wanted more.
    We cleaned up and headed back to post and did not talk about it. The next few days he would drop by my room and if I was alone I would suck him off. he never sucked me and I did not care I liked sucking him. After we would pal around for a while have some beers and act like nothing had happened. One time he came in with another guy and he asked if I would suck them both off. I got to work and sucked them both and took their cum.
    It did not take long for it to get around I liked to suck and soon I was kept very busy taking care of the guys. I was moved to a one man room by one of the guys that was in charge of the barracks. One man rooms were for higher ranking personnel but I got my own room. I was soon not having to pull much duty as I was needed for other things. I would be in my room there would be a knock a guy would walk in drop his pants flop out his cock and I would suck him until he shot his load down my throat. Some days I serviced 10 and a few returns. This was fucking heaven for me until we got a new company commander and he got wise to what was going on. he quickly cut orders for me to be transferred it was quick and had no time to say goodbye I was taken out of barracks in the night. I had a good two years there and enjoyed my duties and miss it everyday for the rest of my life. I have nor had never had so much cock since then. I became addicted to it and just telling about it makes me long for a line of cocks needing to be serviced. I hate that company commander with a passion but I was lucky to have those two years of a belly full of cum.

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    thinking this is a great fantasy but cant understand how a private cocksucker didnt end up drummed out or in Leavenworth. Just saying.
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    No doubt some are true and others are not. But taking this one at face value, it sounds real to me since I had similar experiences in an all male environment. I kept to myself in the beginning because I didn't want my secret to get out, which was I am attracted to both women and men. Care to chat. coulditbe @@ ymail .**m

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