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    My fiancé and I flew back to my parents home as he had never been there. We were walking around looking at the farm where I grew up. Half joking, I pointed to the spot where I laid out nude to tan. He asked why did you lay there. I explained that I did lay out on the deck, but dad said there was a chance the cars passing by on the road could see me. 5en I moved to just behind the house, but dad said the propane tank was right there and the propane man could catch me laying out. He suggested that I lay out behind the garage because no one walks back there and the sun is perfect at that spot. This was probably our third day at my parents. My dad works midnights and sleeps a little in the morning and a little at night. That meant he was up in the afternoons. My dad also worked a lot in his garage. A light bulb finally came on and I realized that my dad positioned me perfectly so he could watch me out of the back window in the garage as I laid out nude. If that wasn’t bad enough, I use to lay out with my vagina toward the window. He would have had a perfect view.

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    Indeed girl ; good to see you comprehend & are rational regarding some of the facts of life. I'm sure you continued to sunbathe in the same fashion following your discovery.

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