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    I haven't posted for a while now but I'm back with a new story.

    I was walking in the woods with my mate Sarah today and I was busting for a poo. She didn't know about my fetish and I was surprised when she dared me to do it in my knickers. I thought she was joking and I dared her to do it in hers. She said couldn't do that because she wasn't wearing any and I offered to let her use mine. She said OK and I lifted my skirt and took my knickers off and handed them to Sarah. She lifted her summer dress and put my knickers on. She remarked about them being wet and I said I was horny. Sarah began to pee through the crotch of my knickers and I masturbated as I watched the lump growing in the back of them as she emptied her bowels. I came just as she finished and Sarah took my knickers off and tipped the smelly contents out on the grass and handed them back to me. They were badly marked but I didn't care that much. I quickly put them on as seeing Sarah made me more desperate to go and I filled them with a load of my own poo while Sarah masturbated herself to climax. I finished my poo and took my knickers off and laid them down next to Sarah's load.
    We walked back to Sarah's place without wiping ourselves which added another level of dirtiness to our kinky deed and we cleaned up in her bathroom and we made love under the shower.

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    please excuse me for a moment while I gag and vomit.
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    why do you post this poo? its quite arse aching.
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    "I haven't posted for a while"

    I've noticed. You were spamming this site with your shite. Trying to lie that all your bullshit stories were true, and from different people.

    Are you planning to spread your shit again and pretend there are other people too who like it?


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