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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Straight Male / 29

    We were at the beach for a family reunion. It was late in the afternoon and my cousin, she was a she and I am a he, both eleven at the time asked for permission to go for a walk before the sun set. We walked quite a way from the rent house and we saw this woman walking into the dunes. She kept looking over her shoulder so we got in the dunes and worked our way over to her. She had dropped her shorts and we watched as she squatted and took a dump in the sand. He legs we wide open, he dark open gash squirting pee while she pushed her stomach in. She finished, took a tissue out of her bag, wiped her ass and stood up to pull up her pants. Her naked hairy pussy in full view. She buried her shit and the tissue and walked back to the beach.

    I was overwhelmed by what I had seen and I pushed my cousin on her back and told her to show me her pussy. With her pants off I explored her and she lay there and let me examine her. She kept asking me if I was done, but I wasn't done, her pussy was this nice cute little slit in the light of the setting sun. I touched her and got a look at her little butt hole. Finally she said that was enough and she stood up and pulled up her pants.

    The lasting impression of that afternoon is that my image of what a pussy should look like is my cousin's. Smooth, with her vulva bump and slit disappearing between her ass cheeks, laying on her back with her legs open. I can't deal with a grown woman's pussy. Frankly I don't like what a pussy looks like, it reminds me of that woman squatting taking a dump.

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