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    Bi-Sexual Male / 27

    Yeah, it happens. I got a job at a country club during the summer working the grill as a waiter. There were usually four of us on duty, always two guys and two girls. There were regulars, semi regulars and guests. We got to the know the regulars really well, and we could almost order for them. I had this regular who always tipped me really well, he had just retired from being a commercial pilot and played golf three or four times a week. One afternoon I was down in the locker room and I was minding my own business taking a leak when he came up beside me and stood there himself. He looked over and said that I should be proud of it, with that I was sure to be able to get any girl on her back. He turned and showed me his, and told me that in his day he fucked more pussy than just about anyone he knew.

    It wasn't an accident, he found me in the bathroom a lot, and one day he bumped into me while I was standing at the urinal. Oops sorry, didn't see you there. He asked me to follow him, he wanted to show me a new driver he had bought. He gave it to me, got behind me to show me how to swing. He held me tight with his arms, long after the swing was over. The tips got bigger, a lot bigger. In cash, hundred dollar bills. He wouldn't let anyone else take care of him.

    One afternoon, it was around four o'clock, he said that he was going to go home and watch the ball game and it sure would be nice to have some company. He gave me his address and told me that the game started at seven and he wanted me there. I was sure of what he wanted, it was obvious to me, but I went anyway. Like a mouse about to be bit by a rattlesnake I went. He was happy to see me, offered me a beer, he had the pregame show on, he was dressed in shorts and a golf shirt and he showed me the house.

    As the game got started, as runs were scored or strikeouts happened he slapped my knee and thigh and when his team hit a home run he said he could kiss me and he did. He said I was a good boy and he wanted to score that night, we should both score and he grabbed my pants and told me he wanted to see that wonderful cock I had. He sucked me, watching with one eye the game and sucking at the same time. He said it was good cock, he remembered when his cock was that good. I was back on my back on the couch and he was kissing me and stroking me with his hand.

    He wanted me to get naked and stand in front of him while he played with, stroked and sucked me. He asked me to turn around and he ran his hands all over my behind, reaching around to stroke me. He kept getting me hard, and then letting me cool down, and hard again with his hands and his mouth. He got naked, he was in good shape more or less and his cock was respectable. He got hard when I sucked him and he told me that his cock had been in more pussy than he could remember, but pussy just got old after a while. Once he discovered cock, he couldn't go back.

    In the ninth inning, his team was ahead, after he had made me cum by stroking me and sucking me, he asked me to stand and bend over and put my hands on the coffee table. He took a wet towel and wiped my ass and put his mouth and tongue to me. He said he wanted to get me ready for the big end game. He let me hold his cock while he rubbed lotion all over me and fingered me. He stood up and said he was going to enjoy this, he always did and hoped I got pleasure out of it too. He got behind me and after a couple of minutes he was sliding his cock in me. I told him it felt good because it did. It felt good.

    He left me great tips, and helped me find a good car to buy before I went back to college the next semester. I went over to watch football when I was home in the fall, and he made sure I always had spending money.

    As of today I have never sucked another man, or much less let another man fuck me. It is not that I am against it, I just am not attracted to it. I am attracted to girls. Sometimes I get the need for them to touch me or finger me, but when you try to broach the subject they back off pretty fast. I have gotten one girl to let me touch and finger her ass, but not the other way. But I do like getting it on with him, I enjoy that. He is always glad when I go over to see him. He stays in pretty good shape for a 68 year old man.

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