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    Straight Male / 35

    Fisting my sister.

    When I was 25 I had to move back home because I lost my job. My sister Ruth still lived at home. She was 20 and had never really worked a day in her life. Like most siblings we fought alot, mainly because I tought she was lazy and took advantage of our mother.

    One day I had been looking for work, but with no success I came home early. I heard some talking coming from Ruth's room. I decided to listen at the door a bit to see if she was in there with one of her hot gfs.

    I heard some moaning so I decided to open the door a crack to see what she was up to. Ruth was spread eagle on her bed completely naked. I could see that her voluptuous tits were heaving up and down as she thrusted a large cucumber in and out of her pussy. Then I heard a male voice and realized that she was sex camming with some guy on her laptop.

    I kept quiet as I realized I was in for a show and could also use it to blackmail my sister. Ruth was following instructions from the guy and would occassionally remove the cucumber from her pussy, lick it, and try to deep-throat it.

    I got most turned on when she tried to re-insert the cucumber in her pussy, because it was really fat and she had to spread her pussy lips with her fingers. Then she would lick the glistening pussy juices off of her fingers.

    I was really getting turned on and pulled down my sweat pants and boxers. I began to stroke my cock gently because I really wanted to make myself last. I had always fantasized about Ruth because I caught glimpses of her naked growing up and had seen her big titties develop over time. I had also heard her making out with bfs in our basement and having sex with some of them.

    Ruth was really talking filthy with the guy on the web cam. Her kept calling her hus dirty little slut. At first I thought it was a boyfriend but I realized that she was asking for tips as he asked her to do more, fingering her ass etc.

    I was so aroused by now that it took only a couple of more strokes before I was shooting my hot jizz all over the hallway carpet. I pulled up my boxers and sweats and decided that now was the time to confront Ruth.

    I burst into her room and asked WTF was she doing. She started to scream and telling me to get out. I told her that I was going to tell our parents that she was web camming for money, and that she was nothing better than a dirty little whore.

    She started to cry and beg me not to tell, as it was the only way she knew how to make money. She told me she would do anything for me if I didn't tell.

    Ruth and I didn't really get along, so I told her she had to share her tips with me in order to motivate me not to tell. This seemed to settle her down a bit and she agreed.

    I wanted to take advantage of the situation further, but I was already spent from jerking off to my sister. I didn't realize it but my sister had left the private chat, and was now in a group chat where everyone was about to see what unfolded.

    I told my sister to get on all fours on her bed. Then I reached around to her chest and squeeze her tits hard, milking her like the fat cow that I told her she was. Then it was primal and I was attracted to her glistening pussy juices. I began to stroke her pussy from behind with the palm of my hand and began licking her anus.

    Then I heard some weird bells ringing. I asked Ruth what it was. She said the guys in the group chat room were tipping her. This spurred me on to do more, so I began to finger her asshole gruffly, first with one then two fingers. I really wanted to punish my sister for be such a bitch to me in the past.

    By now Ruth was sopping wet. So I told her to lick off her anal discharge from my fingers and I began to finger her pussy from behind. The tipping picked up, but Ruth was begin to enjoy this too much I could tell from her flooding pussy juices and moaning.

    So I inserted a 3rd finger into her pussy, and I could tell she experienced some discomfort. But eventually she relaxed her muscles and her pussy juices began to flow even more. The tipping on the web cam continued.

    I really wanted to punish my sister and not pleasure her. So I removed my 3 fingers from her pussy. I formed all of my fingers into a pyramid with my thumb in the middle. Then I tried to wedge this into Ruth's pussy, but there was a lot of resistance and she began to scream in pain.

    I kept twisting and turning my hand despite Ruth's protests, but eventually my whole hand slipped into her wet pussy. By now the tipping was at a fever-pitch.

    With Ruth's cries of pain and the tipping, I really began to pound away at her pussy with my fist inside of her. I also started to pull on her long black hair from behind with my free hand, because I wanted to add to her pain. Then I began to twist my fist and grind away at her insides. Every time I twisted my fist, Ruth had a shuddering orgasm and the tipping became wild.

    At one point Ruth began babbling incoherently and I decided to take pity on her. Besides, by now I was totally aroused again and needed my own pleasure. So once Ruth had recovered a bit, I told her to suck my cock. She pulled down my sweats and boxers.

    Ruth really went to town, like I had the last cock on earth. She put my balls one at a time in her mouth, and rolled them around with her tongue. Then she began to lick up and down the shaft of my cock and kiss the head. As I was getting harder, Ruth really picked up the pace, and began to violently deep-throat me.

    I was about to lose my shit, so I pulled my cock out of her mouth. With a couple of more strokes I was shooting my hot load all over Ruth's face, like the dirty whore that she is. The tipping was out of control by now, and Ruth made more money than she ever had before on the web cam.

    Ruth really liked the sex and the money, so now I have become a regular on her web cam. I really like to hate fuck her, so we put on a really good show. I also now pimp her out to a few of my friends, so we are making good money. She is my dirty little bitch.

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    You are the definition of a loser. You can't have a girl, so you need to blackmail and r**e her.

    How does it feel to see all your friends getting girlfriends and then getting married with a women who love them, while all you can do is to jack off and blackmail?
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    Next time just stick your entire head in and then let us know what it looks like inside of one!

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