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    Straight Male / 37

    My neighbors niece came to live with her about a month ago, just around the time some old woman made a left turn in front of my bike and I broke my shoulder blade and leg. At 19 years old, Amanda is nothing to look at, probably 30 pounds overweight and very plain looking. Her mom couldnât control her anymore so she was sent to Aunt Joannâs.
    The first time we met, she introduced herself and said her Aunt was out of milk and asked to borrow some. From the couch, I told her to help herself. That afternoon, Amanda came over and asked if she could hang out as she was bored. It wasnât 20 minutes later she had my cock out and stroked me hard. I rolled a condom on and let her mount me. We fucked until she was happy and she made me cum, then she left.
    The problem? Iâm married and Amanda is a fucking cock slut. She canât get enough cock, from me or anyone else. She waits until my wife leaves for work, texts me to get ready and comes over. I fuck her as long as I can, when I bust, she just gets dressed and goes elsewhere for more. Thereâs no passion, or intimacy , just pure fucking. Sheâs told me that sheâs had 4 or 5 guys in a day and still needs more. If I do her twice in a day, I canât bother with my own wife. Amanda wonât give head, doesnât want it either, she just wants to fuck. When I asked about dildos or vibrators, she said she stopped with them at 13 when she got her first fucking and has no desire to go back.
    I really need to cut her loose, and soon.

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