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    Bi-Sexual Male / 24

    Just passed a mile stone today, one I didn't when all this began ever think I'd get anywhere near. Yet here I am eight years on since my first cock, and I've now reached one thousand different men's manhood's.
    I'm slightly, if you can be that, autistic. So I find it relatively easy to assimilate who, when and how many at any given time. So I know for sure, Frank a fifty six year old huge cocked guy, was my one thousandth male sex partner. I chose him because of his age, (I prefer older men) and because of his sexual stamina, plus the size of his dick.
    Spending over two hours in his home, we did everything together before our final fuck in his hot tub. I let him know before we fucked he was my thousandth guy and he couldn't have been more of a sex hungry man.
    I'll start again tomorrow with a new ish neighbor of ours. He's married, but I know for sure he wants to fuck me. I know this because his wife who's a lazy bitch, told me so.
    So here's to one thousand and one.

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