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  • — I Did It For The Money —
    Bi-Sexual Female / 29

    In the three years we've been married my husband Rick has had me have sex with lots of different people, both men and women to pay off bills, debts and gain items of even vacations.

    The first was to pay off a gambling debt of his. I became his side of a card game bet and he lost. I ended up being fucked by two older fat guys. They might have been overweight, but they certainly knew how to fuck me and I can honestly say, it was some of the best sex I've ever experienced.

    From then on we tried different scenario's using my good looks and my sexy body, and it's worked fantastically well.
    Tv's, a washing machine, cars, building work and recently I slept with a beautiful female vacation representative and gained a free break for my husband and I. She wasn't my first woman either, especially as I've continued to have sex with the daughter of a car sales owner. It's her who has arrange for both myself and my husband to drive next to nw cars for practically nothing. My husband fucks her too, but more often than not it's just me and her.

    We even have our newly renovated garden and pool maintained for nothing, as I'm fucking the young gardener who attends our home twice a week. It was his uncle who did all the work for us, and that was done for far far less than it should have cost. that's because I seduced him and had his fat cock fucking me the whole time he had his workers putting in our new garden and lap pool.

    In a fortnights time I'll be travelling with my husband over to his company's annual get together. We'll be staying in a very expensive hotel, and I'll along with my husband this time, be entertaining the ceo of the company on the two nights we're there. He's one hell of a dirty horny bastard, and someone who enjoys both sexes.
    Both nights he'll stay in our bed and both nights as he fucks me, i'll make damn sure my husband who has a large cock, will be fucking him.

    After all, I can't do all the work, can I.

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    What kind of worthless and cheap woman are you to have married such a person who pimps you out for meeting household expenses as well as to fund his abysmally low life lifestyle?
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    I can make you a millionaire if you let me fuck you for a week. Why does he use you if he has a job? Leave him and be won't be sorry.I have the physical prowess as well as a deep pocket.Unless of course you enjoy the variety.
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    #1 I was thinking the same thing.
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    #3 Thanks,
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    All fiction!
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    #5 You are right.All fantasy for us to shag with.

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