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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Straight Male / 50

    It all began in the 6th grade. My best friend and I were out side at my house. We lived way out in the country and he spent most weekends with us. We were way out behind the barn sitting under a big shade tree talking and we were at the age where curious was saying it lightly. To be very honest we were both horny as hell 24/7 and couldn`t stop thinking about it or talking about it.
    We were talking about girls and how we felt and what we wanted t do it all the girls and we were both pretty excited and our conversation got more personal and we were asking each other questions and we ended up with our pants down jacking off in front of each other and it was great and we both couldn`t stop talking and stroking our dicks and we started to touch each other then just looked each other in the eyes as we jacked each other off and kept telling each other not to stop.
    It took a little while but we made each other cum with our hands and right away we both knew we would be doing it again and it felt pretty good to stroke each other with cum on our dicks. It felt so good that we sat there a good long while playing with each other and began talking about things we might do together and both of us seemed to want to try sucking each other and we both took turns leaning down to suck on each other a bit and each time we would suck on each other a little longer and when I went down on him he fell back and was laying on his back in the grass and I was on my belly sucking his dick and listening to him moan and the way he was moving his hips excited me enough to keep sucking on his dick and then his hands began to push my head down as he pushed his hips up and he would moan out to me not to stop! and to tell me how god it felt.
    In a while he really got excited and began to tell me he was about to cum. My mind told me to stop sucking his dick and jack him off but I was too excited and decided to just keep sucking and let him cum in my mouth and see if it tasted like mine. Once he started to cum he pushed my head down really hard and held it there as he came in my mouth and it tasted OK so I swallowed and sucked his dick until he couldn`t take it any longer.
    He didn`t seem to want to suck my dick and we got up and left. A couple of hours later he asked if he could suck my dick and I said sure I really would like for you to so we went in the barn and got behind some hay bales and he sucked my dick on his knees and let me cum in his mouth and he didn`t seem to mind swallowing my cum at all and kept sucking my dick after I came. We sucked each other off again later that day then late that night in my bedroom.
    Weeks went by and we sucked each other off every day after school at his house and on weekends at my house. One day we were out side at my house and I asked him if he ever stuck his finger in his ass. He said no then asked if I ever had I said I did and liked it and did it all the time. He didn`t believe me and later on he wanted to see me do it so we went out in the bushes in a big thick group of oak trees and I let him watch me finger my ass then while he was sucking my dick he put his finger in my ass and I let him finger me while he sucked my dick. After that he wanted to finger me all the time and I liked it so I let him then one afternoon at his house after school he was fingering me and told me I should let him try it with his dick since I liked his finger so well. Right away I told him to go ahead because I had thought about it for weeks just couldn`t ask him to do it.
    That afternoon was a day I will never forget and once he got his dick in my ass I told him it felt good and he started to fuck me and I asked him if he wanted to cum in me. He asked if he could and I told him to go ahead and o it. He fucked me fast and a little harder then told me he was going to cum and he did. He fucked me again before his Mom got home and after that my favorite thing was spreading my ass cheeks for him to stick his dick in my asshole then letting him fuck me and neither of us could ever get enough for years. I still remember all the things he and I used to do and even today some times I got to thinking about it and I have to jack off and still enjoy having something stuck up my ass

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