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    Straight Male / 50

    Have this huge anal fetish. I am a 50 year old married man. Very straight acting masculine outdoors type but ever since I was a young boy and I let my best friend talk me in to letting him screw me in the ass I have always liked anal penetration and just about everything anal. I was 11 and so was he and he almost begged me to do it and the longer he talked the better it began to sound to me and we started to talk about just how he was going to do it and where and when.
    We just had to try it and he had me all worked up and excited and many times I had played with my ass and not only liked to finger my asshole but I had even stuck a few other things in my ass so I was a bit curious so I gave in and we decided to go down the street and down to the old barn we always went to. We got there pretty damn fast and got back in a dark corner and just like we had talked about we took off our pants and we were both naked from the waist down and both hard as a rock. I had seen his dick many times over the years but this was the first time looking at it so hard and it looked too big to ever fit in my ass but we were damn sure about to try it.
    We finally decided that I should just lean forward and stick my ass out towards him and see if he could stick it in me from behind. It took some work and a lot of spit and me putting up with the burning and stinging going on in my ass. He went slow and finally his nuts touched mine and my eyes got real watery from the pain and he just stood behind me quietly with his dick balls deep in my ass as we both breathed deeply and I felt his dick pulse with every heart beat in my tight asshole.
    He put both hands on my hips and asked if he could try it and I told him to go slow. Wow! what a feeling and each time he went in and out of my ass I liked it a little better and in a couple of minutes he came in my ass and we both liked that way too much. He managed to fuck me again and make it last a long time then came in my ass again. I the next few weeks we fucked like crazy almost every day and we were both enjoying it way too much to want to stop and I liked every thing about it. Spreading my cheeks for him, the penetration and feeling his dick going up my ass and his nuts smashed against mine, getting, fucked was damn sure good and I really liked it when he really fucked me hard then his nuts pressed tight against mine as his cum went in my asshole. I really liked taking his cum in my asshole.
    We started having oral sex and got used to having cum in our mouth and spit it out at first but eventually we would swallow every drop and we both liked to 69 and cum at the same time if possible. We got serious about girls late in High School and things kind of slowed down then later on came to a dead stop but I have always played and toyed my ass and enjoy my own cum at times. Over the years I have stuck most everything up my ass and have had a few women fuck me with a strap on many times.
    I had sex with other men over the years and I have had a couple of those huge cock experiences and there is nothing quite like that. Having your asshole stretched to the limits and the feel of a very long thick dick going up in to your stomach and being pounded very hard with pre cum in the crack of your ass with this huge cock pumping in and out of your ass then he swells up even thicker then hammers your ass hard while his cum is filling your insides. Quite a few times I have had Mexican men and they have nice big fat dicks and love to fuck and cum in a nice hot tight asshole. I have only had one black man and he was the longest dick I ever had but not the thickest.
    My fetish has lasted for a lot of years and I am sitting in this Hotel room tonight with a thick 10" black rubber cock up my ass typing this story and I am really going to fuck myself good before I shower and go to bed. I have always wanted to be gang fucked by a group of men with really big dicks that cum a lot. I think about being tied face down spread out wide face down with a pillow under my body that makes my ass stick up in the air and be in a nice private house out in the country with a dozen men all stroking their big dicks watching me get fucked with cum running out of my ass and taking one huge hard cock after the other for hours. I know it will never happen because I could never let it happen but it makes for a great fantasy. I guess I will always enjoy anal and if I ever have the opportunity to be around the right type of guy and he likes to fuck nice clean tight firm ass he can fuck me all night long and if he has a friend or two maybe my gang bang fantasy can really happen.
    I would really like to get comments and responses from other married masculine straight men that like anal penetration and ass play. I always thought it would be nice to have a close friend to hunt and fish with that would also enjoy fucking me 2 or 3 times a month when we are hanging out together. I would also like to 69 with a sexy Lady while a man fucks my ass from behind. I can think of many things I would do and sticking things in my ass has always felt very good and getting fucked really is the best thing ever.

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