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    Bi-Sexual Female / 24

    I love the smell of another persons junk. Iâm in collage getting my doctors degree, and my room mate is a party animal, when she gets back she passes out drunk and I have free reign over her pussy, love the smell of a âwell doneâfucked pussy. Back in highschool I had a boyfriend who worked and every time he come over to my house we would have sex (when my parents were gone lol) I liked to start with oral because I love the smell of his dick, that after work musky dick smell is like a drug to me and if he could stay soft long enough for me to play with it that would be a bonus. Donât know about other girls but Iâd prefer a limp squishy penis to suck on some times itâs just fun for me.

    Any body else out there love the smell of natural raw penis or vagina?

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    OMG YES!!! I LOVE the smell of pussy. I devour it. The smell of sex. I am a male so cocks do not interest me except my own. The smell of my cock the day after fucking a good wet pussy makes me jackoff. Put me down as a nasty smelling tasting pussy lover!!
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    Lol you're in "collage" getting your doctor's degree....LOL nice try soy boy.
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    Good burn by #2. Most people know by the style of written language that no girl wrote this. Right off, girls don't have the word JUNK in their vocabulary.

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