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    Straight Female / 46

    My name is A*****, my husbands name is Mark. We live in a suburbian area which is like any other out of city suburb. Up until only eighteen months ago I had a sex drive which mostly matched my husbands high sexual appetite. Then I got ill and afterwards I not only didn't want sex, I absolutely shied away from it.

    Knowing my lack of libido was nothing to do with my husband, I spoke to him a few times after around six months, about possibly using ladies of the night, or maybe finding a younger woman to satisfy his needs. He told me he'd never do either, and that was that, or so I thought.

    What's changed is walking into our home eight weeks ago and finding my husband knelt up naked on our couch behind a young man I know only too well. Mark was fucking him from behind and by the sounds of it, they were both enjoying themselves immensely. And what's more, I actually for the first time in along time, found myself becoming turned on watching my husbands cock sliding in and out of Ryan's asshole.

    Ryan just so happens to be my husbands nephew and has for at least as long as we've not been having sex, calling by our home quite frequently. Usually it has been when I'm going out shopping, which Mark hates. Or when I've crashed out from my meds. A couple of times I've awoken and thought I'd heard sounds of sex, but I put them down to Mark masturbating in his snug, something I knew he was doing fairly often to porn.

    What I now realize, is Mark and Ryan have been fucking all along. And me catching them fucking eight weeks ago, was by pure chance, and the tip of a penile iceberg.

    Standing there with the knowledge my husband was bisexual didn't phase me one bit, neither did seeing him plunging his cock so hard into Ryan's ass. What did bother me to a degree, was the fact he'd not spoken to me about it. I'm not saying I would have initially approved, and not because of him thoroughly enjoying a young mans asshole. It's a hole and Ryan obviously as I have in the past, enjoyed having it fucked. No, it was just we'd always communicated about everything and my husband had obviously decided not to tell me anything.

    Even so I was enthralled by watching them fuck, and had that old familiar feeling between my legs. My pussy began to get wet, and totally without thinking about it as I carried on watching, I began to touch my pussy after lifting up my skirt.

    Unfortunately they then changed position, with my husband lay on his back and Ryan mounting him. I'd had to move back so as they didn't see me and I couldn't, I thought then, risk being found watching. Moving back out of the house and something I've only done a few times during our marriage, I moved around back of the house, thought about them having sex and frigged my pussy and clit until I had the biggest strongest orgasm I'd had in years.

    Later that day I didn't question my husband about him and Ryan. Nor did I say anything the following day when I'd woken up from my meds, and Ryan was sat in our kitchen looking flushed.

    They've fucked many times over the last eight weeks, now that I know what's happening. And each time, especially if I'm lucid enough to, I've become increasingly horny, playing with myself wishing that I could join then or at least watch up close and masturbate.

    My problem is that Mark hasn't spoken to me about him and Ryan fucking, and he hasn't in any way ever hinted he enjoys gay sex. How do I raise the subject without causing problems and how do I let my husband know, I actually think it's fine for him to fuck guys. Or that I've begun to find the whole notion of him fucking a young mans asshole, a huge turn on.

    Finally yesterday and what prompted my confession, is I found a recording of them having sex on Marks lap top. It shows Ryan with his legs over his head and Mark stood above him pounding his ass. I watched for some time and witnessed my husband cum deep inside of Ryan's ass. Then watched them doing something I'd not seen before, I watched them kissing and felt jealous.

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    Want me to help you get back your libido?
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    Just tell him. I love to have men fuck me and I would hate to have to hide it from my wife, or anyone. Many men like me enjoy sucking cocks and taking them in our ass.

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