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  • — If The Boss Only Knew —
    Straight Male / 22

    If my boss knew just how many times I've fucked his wife, he'd not only sack me, he'd probably have me beaten up. I've worked for him now, about two years and in that time I guess I've fucked his wife at least four times a week on average. He's always up and down the country on business, either travelling by car or sometimes flying into London. His wife who is a lot younger than him, is sex mad and I sometimes have problems keeping up with her demands. Last week for instance, he flew to London on the Thursday morning. And by lunch time I'd already fucked her mouth pussy and arsehole in his office. She drove us back to their home later on, after receiving a conference call with him and we fucked pretty much the whole evening. I was exhausted and thought she'd climaxed enough, but she had me go down on her making me tongue out the cum I'd just spurted up her pussy. The following day, she had me drive her in his car to the airport to pick him up. Waiting in the airport car park, she sucked on my dick, then mounted my cock anally as I fucked her as best I could. Once I'd cum deep inside her arse, she licked and sucked on my cock playing with herself until she orgasmed. I watched her greet my boss minutes later and saw them kiss passionately, knowing my cum would probably still be coating her mouth. The crazy bitch even had me slip her a quickie, when he went to the loo in work. I didn't cum, but I still watched her climax on my cock even though it was only a two minute fuck. I know I'm risking my job and probably my health. But then she is one gorgeous thirty year old, and she's also one dirty bitch too.

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