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    Bi-Sexual Male / 21

    When I was about 13 years old I sucked my first cock. To be more specific, it was my first gay experience as a whole.

    I was staying the night at my friends, who we will call Peter, house, and we were just chilling out, playing Call of Duty and eating snacks at midnight. Well I tell Peter, âHey man, I bet Iâm better at trickshotting than you?â To which he replies, âOk, I bet you arenât!â.

    So we make a bet that the first to 15 kills wins, and the loser has to do something for the winner, which we would decide before the game ended. So we get started, and just as I thought, Iâm kicking his ass, 9-3. Then he says, âSo what if the loser has to touch the winners dick? Thatâs gay an embarrassing!â To which I happily agree with since Iâm winning so badly. âThereâs no way I have to be the gay one here!â I thought to myself.

    Long story short, I did in fact kick his ass, 15-6. So as Iâm joking and mocking him for being a âfaggotâ and a âqueerâ, I accidentally poke his, at this point, throbbing hard cock, and just stop.

    He looks at me and I look at him and I start to laugh and call him a faggot even more for being hard at this, and he grabs me and pulls me in and makes out with me! At first I was shocked, and I had never kissed anyone like that and I was confused what and how to do it! Then I registered that I wasnât exactly hating this either, more questioning how I could please him.

    So I relax and we swap spit and he licks me all over the neck and mouth areas, and finally we pull apart and I notice it; heâs pulled his pants down and his cock is double, no more like triple the size of my tiny dick! I was so amazed I got closer, as he starts to stroke. Then I did something I never thought I would ever do in my e tire life; I throw his hand away, and put the entire length in my mouth.

    As I bob up and down I faintly hear Peter say, âYou sure you arenât the faggot? He suck dick better than Mark does, and I know heâs gay!â I laugh as I flick the tip of his dick and do the things Iâve seen only pornstars do till this point in my life.

    Iâm stroking and sucking his cock, until finally I taste the salty explosion of his cum in my mouth. By this point, both of our clothes were completely off, and he was massaging both my cock and asshole, and I was so horny and felt like I had been consumed and taken over by some other force.

    I spit his cum back onto his still throbbing cock, and stroke him some more, until heâs hard again, then I go even further; with no word, I look him in the eyes, and begin to mount his cock. He is shocked, but doesnât stop me.

    As I feel my asshole burning and tearing, Iâm still slowly sinking on his massive cock with tears in my eyes. I finally get the length of his cock in me and lay and hold him in a hug, as he begins to thrust me with his spear.

    After a few minutes, I begin to buck back, as the pain has receded a lot, and we start to really fuck. I bounce up and down, heâs pinching and twisting my nipples while stroking my cock, and we are both moaning.

    Finally, I feel him twitching, then feel his hot cum shooting inside me. This sent me over the edge, cumming so hard it all hit his face. I collapsed on top of him, and licked the cum off his face, and made out with him some more.

    The next thing I remember was waking up naked with him next to me also naked. We kissed good morning, and went and showered together, and then he sucked me to completion. I got dressed and left to head home.

    This wasnât the last time this happened for us, as you can imagine, but this was the best time.

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