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    Straight Male / 44

    This is more about my feelings after my wife confessed to something she did Friday night.

    She and her friend Lisa went to a friend of Lisa's house to visit him. Lisa is married and
    the friend, Paul is single.
    Paul said a bunch of people were coming over - but it only ended up being the 3 of them.
    Our teenage daughter was having several friends over here at our house, and since they
    just started to experiment wih drinking alcohol, I volunteered to stay home to chaperone.

    So, my wife, Lisa, and Paul were hanging out, and having a lot to drink.
    I have met Paul before - and I think he is an A$$ honestly. Just very loud and
    very full of himself.

    As the night wore on, I guess the talk became more and more sex related. And then
    it turned to penis size, and of course Paul said he has been told that he is the
    biggest from several women he has had sex with.

    I guess everyone was just drunk enough for my wife and Lisa to tell him to prove it.
    And he did. He just unzipped and took it out right there in front of them.
    My wife said things got real quiet then, they knew they crossed a line - but there
    he was...semi-hard...and BIG.
    Lisa was the first to ask to touch it - which end up being stroking it. So my took
    a turn and did the same.
    At one point Paul said they since they started it, they may as well finish it.
    Again, Lisa went first to kneel down and take him into her mouth. And then my
    wife did the same.
    And they ended up giving him a blowjob together.
    I sometimes wonder what Paul must have been thinking standing there while two
    married women worked on his cock.

    My wife has never had a problem "swallowing" , so she ended up taking about 80%
    of his cum. Lisa took the last drops until Paul was completely spent.

    My wife said as soon as it was over, she knew it was a mistake and felt awful.
    She said she felt literally sick to her stomach - not from Paul's cum - but for
    the guilt in what she just did.

    So, the next morning, she confessed and could not stop crying.
    Needless to say I was pissed.

    But now I find myself thinking more and more about Paul. He is going to have
    such a smug attitude the next time we see him at a bar or something. The whole
    "your wife sucked my cock and you are clueless". I just KNOW that is what
    he will be thinking.

    I am trying to talk myself into how it was somehow less than being cheated on -
    since it was oral sex only, and it was not one-on-one sex.

    But I cant deny that it is kind of exciting thinking about my wife sucking on
    such a big cock. I would love to see that.
    I can't stand Paul - but now I am almost obsessed with seeing my wife give him
    a blowjob (and more!)

    Not sure how I can still be upset with my wife for what she did, but then tell
    her I want her to do it again with me there.
    Not sure how to let Paul have his secret attitudee with me that I know he will
    have now, but then tell him that I know what happened and I want it to happen

    My wife is tiny - so I cant stop thinking about his size fitting inside her.
    How do I tell either of them THAT??

    I cant stand Paul....I wish it was anyone else but him - but I am starting to
    think that I want him to have my wife. Why????

    Maybe these feeling are just my way of dealing with what happened Friday night...

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    if this story is real, youd be a fool to encourage this dude to do anything else to your wife.

    if he does have an attitude about your wife sucking him, how much worse will it be when shes fucking him? and if his cock is so big, apparently larger than yours, do you think your wife is going to want to give that up once she gets some of it?

    keep your fantasies to yourself and be thankful your wife has a moral side and let it go.

    guys who want to see their wives fuck another man are just asking for trouble and compilcations... the majority of women dont want a man who wants to see someone else fuck them, period.
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    It's a common fantasy, partly about knowing that your wife is attractive to other men. It can also be about the thought that your wife just went a little wild, that it was only raw animal list and that it could spice up your sex life. Some couple can handle it - they are called swingers, and the comment about MAY be right or it may be that you both could handle it, that she can fuck this guy's huge xoxk and then come back home to you and tell you all about it and you have great sex. Or you could watch her being fucked by this massive coxk and enjoy it. Talk to her about your fantasies, you don't actually have to go through with it. Or maybe you will, maybe she would enjoy being fucked by his massive cock. Or, and this is certainly possible, maybe she already has..........
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    I wrote the original post -
    I just wanted to add that even if something does happen again with my wife
    and Paul, I am not worried about her leaving me for him.

    We have a family, a home, and a life together. She would not give that up just
    for his big cock.

    I just wish Paul was not such a jerk. We could actually sit down and talk about
    things. But what would I say??
    How fun would it be to surprise my wife and have him show up at our house some

    I was never much into watching porn, but now I am looking all the time at
    variatons of "Wives sucking fat cock" I guess Paul had a
    lot of girth as well.

    Watching those kinds of videos is not helping.

    Nut its smething my wife and I will have to talk about more.


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