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    Straight Female / 19

    Like an idiot I fell for his lies and also for his charms. And now I'm left with a dilemma/feeling I can't fix myself.

    When my mom first got with Aaron he was so nice. I was fifteen then and found him like many females to be attractive. Yet he was my moms guy and they soon got married. By the time I reached seventeen I began to notice him looking at me in a sexual way. And in many ways I enjoyed it, even played up to it.

    Aaron and my mom went through a sticky patch, or so he then said and within that we chatted. He told me my mom wasn't giving him the amount of, or type of sex he needed. And that he was seriously thinking of leaving her. I knew it would devastate my mom so I asked him if there was anything I could do to help. His suggestion was this "Maybe you could kind of fill in for your mom, until we get it right again between us".

    Two nights later he entered my bedroom and we had sex. He wasn't my first, but by a long way Aaron was much much better than my previous sexual encounters and his cock was/is amazing. After sucking on his awesome dick for some time, he and I switched into a sixty nine and my step father taught me just how a man should tongue a woman's pussy and ass. For the first time in my life I had multiple orgasms, and I couldn't help but beg him to fuck me.

    When he did fuck me, it was so perfect as his huge cock drove me to yet more orgasms. We changed positions a few times, with us ending up with me on top. It was then he slid his cock out of my pussy and slowly let it slide up my asshole. I'd been fucked in my ass before, but never anything like Aaron gave me and I couldn't control the orgasms that ripped through me. By the time my step dad came up my ass, I was a quivering wreck, but a very happy and sexually satisfied one.

    From then on our sex got progressively rougher and more prolonged. He'd power fuck my asshole so much, I'd sometimes have trouble walking properly afterwards. Yet I began to love being dominated, having me often choke on his cock as he force fucked my throat. The sex became my way of keeping them together, I thought, and in a way to my eyes they did become more involved again.

    Eighteen months on from our first ever sexual time together, Aaron and I still fuck as often as possible. I've come to rely on him satisfying my growing need to have hard sex. And I adore it when he makes me orgasm from rough anal sex. It's a totally different climax to vaginal sex for me, and much more powerful.

    However, even though I still love his long thick cock fucking all my holes, I've recently discovered he and my mom fuck more now then they ever did. I know this because I've just read my moms diary. She points out numerous times in her diary, just how much when I'm not around, Aaron and her have sex. She even goes into detail of where, how, what and when they fuck. One account she states that they'd only just had an afternoons sex when I came home from college early. She mentions she then went out to the mall to buy some shoes. I remember the time, because I loved the shoes she bought. I also remember sucking on Aaron's cock no sooner than she'd driven off the driveway. He hadn't had time to shower, so I know when I sucked his dick that day, my moms pussy and ass juices would have been on his dick.

    The fact is, even though I know he's been playing me, I still find him and his gorgeous cock irresistible. I'm starting to think, or should I say, I know and believe my mom knows that he's fucking me too, and lets him to keep him happy. Why else would she book herself on a weekends trip, leaving him at home and saying to him when she thought I couldn't hear "You'll be ok honey, I'm sure **** will keep you and your cock more than happy".

    I'm not saying here I'm unhappy. It's just that I'd like to have been in on the whole deal, if I was to be his side fuck, right from the start.

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