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    The forbidden fruit. I worked for this gallery as a framer and general warehouse support. The gallery manager was a well known man in town, but he had a reputation for the forbidden fruit. There was always some employee or acquaintance of his that hung around that looked the part. But it was not with him or any of those men that I tried it and liked it.

    This man, he was in his late forties, came around to look at the gallery. He was a loan officer at the bank and he was thinking of giving the gallery a small loan to expand the showroom. He was checking out on his loan. He chatted me up and asked a lot of questions about how many people came by, how much was sold, to tell him the truth. We are not talking about a lot of money, it was only five thousand dollars. He went back into the storage room and the work room where I made up the frames. He saw my work and said he had some stuff that he had bought a long time ago that needed to be reframed, if that is something I could do. He invited me to his house to see the work there, he wanted me to get an appreciation of how he had it displayed.

    I was innocent, naïve. I went to his house on the following Thursday evening. He lived alone, his house was very well furnished, it wasn't a bachelor pad, it had nice furniture and the art work he had was original, not expensive but original. And it was very well framed. It didn't need reframing. I told him as much. He came back to me and asked me to sit down, he had me come over because he wanted to know if I wanted to join their little group. Again being naïve I asked what group. He laughed, he said I was teasing him, I knew what group, where boys could be boys.

    He got up from his chair and leaned over me and asked me how I liked it. I got it then and told him I did not swing that way. He answered, how did I know? He didn't think he would like it, not until he tried it, and see he still liked it, so how could I know? He stood up and said he wanted me to think about it, he and my boss wanted to know if I would join their little group. That the best time to think about it was right then. That you started off by sucking on a dick. That's how he got started and unzipped his pants and pulled it out and asked me to consider sucking him.

    He worked himself into an erection. It was quite different when his dick was slack, but it didn't look the same when he was hard. I mean it gave me a different feel. Maybe because he was one of those men who are well endowed, maybe because his dick was staring me in the face, me sitting in that chair and he standing over me. Maybe because I had never thought about it. In any event, I tried it. I liked it. More than one girl had sucked me, but this was different. I started to understand what a girl must feel sucking a hard dick. We went back into the bedroom, he had a mirror on the ceiling. It had to be lust, what else could it have been. I submitted to him, I mean submitted, I liked it, I liked it when he got on me, he told me I had to try it, he liked it better if I was on my back and he was on top. I saw myself in the mirror while he pounded away, while he grabbed my face and kissed me, when he came and let his whole body weight fall on me. This naked man on top of me.

    The group was made up of several men, older men, and several younger men, me included. The older men had boyfriends, I was his boyfriend. My boss told me he always knew, maybe. The boyfriends weren't kids, we were all in our mid to late twenties, with jobs here and there about town. The men were business owners and the banker brought them together. Of the men the only one that looked the part was my boss. The more time that went by the more comfortable I became with it, and I was more than willing to please him in front of his friends. It wasn't a contest, but everyone got naked. It just felt good to suck him until he finished, I got good at it, I knew his spot and I liked to milk him when he was done. Once I got a taste for it, I was hooked.

    It was forbidden, it was against the law.

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    Early 70s in Pasadena California. We were supported, I guess we were the sugar babies of the rich sugar daddies. It was fun, open fuck fests. Unfortunately the AIDS thing put an end to it and we had to become celibate or pair up one on one.

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