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    Bi-Sexual Male / 28

    She must have known there was a chance I'd enjoy being fucked, yet she still wanted me to go through with her sexual fantasy anyway. She told me, if I wanted to carry on enjoying her asshole, I'd have to give and allow Michael, a friend of hers to fuck my ass. I'd always known he liked me, and I also knew every now and then he indulged in gay sex. So when he just so happened to call by nearly three months ago now, I knew my wife had set something up.
    It was my wife who got things going by sucking on my cock, which she knew would have me ready for anything. then she sucked on Michaels cock, just to show me it was ok to share sexually. Then it was our turn and I took to sucking cock, his beautiful cock, like duck to water. I was so good at it, he even made reference to my wife about how much better a cock sucker I was than her.
    But it was my asshole she wanted to see destroyed by his length, so after he donned a condom and she'd lubed up my hole, I knelt there and waited.
    The sensation was like being filled and hurt at the same time. The pain grew the more he slid his cock into me and then wham. Like a cork popping out of a bottle, his cock fully inserted up my ass and my asshole relaxed. From that point on, it was only pure ecstacy and I couldn't get enough of his cock pounding my hole.
    I'd never felt so sexual in my entire life and Michael knew and sensed it. I'd begun to back onto his cock and he began to thrust much harder into me and before I knew it, we were fucking for real. My wife made a comment about me enjoying it too much, but by then I didn't give a shit what she thought.
    Changing position so Michael was fucking me missionary, he changed his rhythm and style of fucking me. it was more sensual and he leaned over kissing me. My wife made another comment, but we ignored her and carried on having amazing sex. Just as she moaned again about us going too far, I had such a powerful orgasm and kissed Michael harder, my cum spreading out between us. He in turn thrust into me deeper and then arched back, cumming deep inside of me filling the condom and telling me I was a great fuck.
    Over the following few days my wife hardly spoke to me. When she did it was to tell me her fantasy was fulfilled and I wasn't to indulge again. Oh fucking yeh! was the thought in my head. She'd wanted and planned it. And when she didn't like the fact I was enjoying way more than she was, she wanted it to end. Well, it hasn't ended and for the last three months we've begun to have a gay affair.
    Michael often calls round when she's working her late shifts, or when she enjoys her girly nights out shopping and drinking. I make sure the house is spotless when he leaves, and always nowadays have him cum deep uop my ass without a condom. After all those rubbers can into all sorts of places.
    My wife started all of this, and I'm so glad she did. I'm saying it right now, if it wasn't Michael fucking me, then I'd make sure it was another guy, someone else who enjoys screwing the ass off a willing cum slut like me.

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    Don't like women much, do you?
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    I had the same thing she begged for ages for me to do it then had the shits when I finally did it
    Haven't done it in years but still think about it every day
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    #1 Quite the opposite actually. I love women and other than my wife, I have many female friends. It's just my wife opened a sexual door to me, and I'm fully exploring what's on the other side.
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    when will people learn, you encourage your spouse to step outside your marriage for sex, theres no going back. they arent going to quit just because you say so.
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    the wife turned her man into a bottom bitch . now she wants him to stop . to bad once you have a hard cock in your mouth or man hole your hook for life .

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